When Modest is Hottest

So… A couple days ago, I was meeting up with some people regarding a film project. They were looking for my photography page so I told them to look it up on Facebook.

Whaaaa? These are your photos!?”

I scooted over to take a peek. The surprise was certainly more enjoyable for them than it ever would be for me. First results page – pictures everywhere… Especially a dramatically enlarged image of my girlfriends and I dressed in either onesies, boxers or swimwear.

“Are these your bikini caroling pictures, Jacquie!?”

The Santa hat on one of the girls’ heads confirmed it. What the heck Facebook!? Did you seriously need to bring up slightly inappropriate images from like two years ago on the front page of a search result? The answer is NO, you most definitely should not be doing that.

Had to go online later on to figure out where and why those images had appeared in such unsolicited manner.

I’d like to believe that fashion is a form of art and self expression, but sometimes one has to plan beyond personal preference. Sometimes modest is hottest. Especially when you don’t want professors, dad, future/present boss, stalkers or otherwise sketch individuals staring at pictures of you in a bikini.

Yes, that is a definite no, no.

The next day, I self consciously covered up from collar bones to the tippy tips of my toes. The air was a bit chill before morning light. Ah, yes – sweater weather and the perfect opportunity for a selfie. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to focus with a 50mm lens. My roommate was asked to take the picture instead.  Guess it can’t be called a self portrait any more!
Modest is HottestFor editing, the image’s original color was replaced with a more blueish purple tone. This adds a more nightly/early morning feeling. The picture was then cropped using the rule of thirds. Justification; truly centered images are rarely more interesting. In addition, the light and door frame needed to be removed. I also tried to remove the sweater’s excessive bagginess but it came out a little unnatural in the final result (Notice how the armpits are lopsided) .

This image was taken from what I believe is a neutral angle. The future calls for experimenting with lower angels. It’s very interesting how different lenses and camera angels modify the subject. You can never see a perfect refection, not even in a bathroom mirror.


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