And One Day We Can Laugh About Those Epic Fails

7 thoughts on “And One Day We Can Laugh About Those Epic Fails”

  1. An epic post. I read it in my email first – without the photos. Was pleasantly surprised by the photos when I saw the entire post.
    I’m curious to know what an “editorial circus photoshoot” is. I live near the winter home of the circus/carnies – at least what used to be. They always seem to be out there somewhere, lurking. Plus, somewhere in central Florida there is a kind-of old age home for circus animals – so if you drive across central Florida and see elephants and giraffes . . . that would be them. Haven’t quite sorted out who you are and where you are and where you have been because I’m a relatively new follower. But that is OK – discovery is a good process. And I’m babbling. Anyway, nicely done.


    1. Hey!
      Glad you enjoyed the post 😀
      From my understanding, editorials tell a story or present a theme through a series of images. Almost as if photojournalism and fashion photography had a child… or something of the sort.
      Really? That sounds like an opportunity for adventure and exploring! You know what would be really cool too? A circus ghost town. Lots of picture opportunities everywhere.
      About page should clear up some of those questions 🙂


      1. It’s funny – I had read your about page – but awhile ago and, sometimes, I forget who does what – if you know what I mean. So, good refresher. Also, re: circus ghost towns, …. there’s this place near where I live:,_Florida … was the subject of an X-Files episode and, years ago, a really nice feature on the cover of the Miami Herald’s weekly feature section – back in the newsprint days. So, yes, awhile ago …. Covered most of the major characters still living in Gibsonton at the time, including the guy who hammered nails up his nose . . . I’m sure it’s out in the digital world, somewhere….. 🙂


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