And then the tables were turned. My assistant asked me to be her model for a project. Cool. I showed up to the studio with my favorite stuffed animal, cat ears and cork screw curls. Photoshoot went well. We rejoiced at the natural light which streamed through the ceiling and added a soft touch to the studio lights.

Sometime towards the end, the teacher’s aide for that class walked in. Don’t remember exactly where the conversation was going but she jumped in and said “I’ll do it! I’m already wearing a mask.

“You do it.” Jacquelyn said as she handed me the camera.

“Really!?”  Three little hops for joy followed.

I took a couple shots within the last couple minutes we had in the studio.

People are always saying to be prepared for everything. That one can’t jump into a project without having everything figured out. Yes, it’s good to plan, but did you know what to do when you had your first kid? Sometimes things just kind of come together. Sometimes everything works out.

Honestly, random photo shoots are the funnest because the bring in the biggest surprises.

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