Californian Wilderness

“Hey Mom, I’m in LA!” There was a pause on the line. It was almost midnight.

“In LA? I thought you were going hiking with your friends.”

*Flashback to Several Hours Earlier *

The goal was to go cliff diving. We’d been looking for a spot and Tar Creek Falls  seemed to be the best. Honestly, it is my fault because I was the one that suggested it. Apparently there had also been a misunderstanding regarding who had actually ever been there, and in the end, it turns out none of us had.

I woke up somewhere around four. The rides from Magic Mountain loomed in the distance.

“Where are we going?”

“Ventura. It’s a while past here.”

 “What!? Dude, I woke up thinking we were going to Central Cal or something, didn’t think it was this far.”

*Yawning* Our group was rather varied. Three were close to 30. Another three between the ages of 16 and 23. Then of course, 7 year old Dakota.  We drove around a small town trying to find out where the falls could possibly be. Ah, a road leading away from civilization. Cool!

“How long until we get to the trail?”

“About an hour, maybe forty five minutes.”

What!? The dirt path just kept going and going further into the hillside. By the time we’d turned around and found the parking spot, the 16-23 group was ridding on the roof and tailgate of the van.Thankfully, the trail entrance was conveniently located across from  parking.

The Californian wilderness was so beautiful, especially with the rays of light distorting the  mountains blues. Unfortunately, all too soon the light was gone and we were unprepared for any further exploration. We trekked back in complete darkness with the exception of the stars twinkling above. Every turn seemed like the last but the trail continued on and our group separated in two. All of the sudden, those who were ahead vanished into the darkness.

“Where did they go?”

“I don’t know. Wait – get back. Get back now!”

Unsure of what was going on, I attempted to scramble out of the path. Apparently it wasn’t fast enough and one of the guys threw me into a bush. Everyone dropped down to crouching position. Loud music and yelling burst through our ear drums. What was later described as a ‘high rise redneck truck’ rolled before us as we laid in the shadows. A rather large group of potentially drunk men poured out. They walked across the path, towards the van and shined their lights through the windows.

We waited, they walked around some more before finally piling back into their vehicle. With the red lights still glowing on the dirt, we ran across the path. The truck roared in attempt to turn around. We huddled behind the van as the men poured out again, this time to free their truck.

Someone accidentally turned on the lights. Our position was reviled. Ooops! We piled up and with in a couple seconds, speed down the road. We were going so fast it’s a miracle the van didn’t topple over the edge of a cliff. Every couple seconds I felt the urge to look out the back window, half expecting bright headlights to surprise us with misfortune. We reached the nearest town in record time but it’s eerie atmosphere kept us on the road. Bright lights and decorations but not a car in sight except our own. We weren’t in the mood for taking chances with a ghost town. I called my parents once we made it to LA.

Funny, isn’t it? How one little misadventure could make you paranoid of all sorts of things for the rest of the night. At one point some one freaked out when they saw a woman walking down an alley with a child. Come on, if she can do that and feel safe, we shouldn’t be freaking out.

Anyways… so yeah… I don’t even know what to make of this one. We never even found the water to go cliff diving!


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