War of the Greats

Once upon a time during a wedding, four boys and four girls stood on opposing sides of a rut.

“We are your aunts” one of the girls stated.

The boys straightened their cowboy hats and shook their heads in disbelief. “We are older than you.”

As it turns out, however, even the youngest of the girls was older than all four of the boys. They shifted and frowned in discomfort until one of the youngest rendered a challenging smile.

“Well, we are uncles too!”

At this, the girls cringed nervously. “Oh no! That makes me a great aunt!” The oldest of them cried.

And this perfectly describes the relationship between the grandchildren, great grand children and sometimes great-great grandchildren of Don Ignacio and Doña Petra. Anyways, here are some of my nephews and nieces from various families in no particular order.

Emiliano – Great Grandson

Children of Mexico (6)Fernanda – Great GranddaughterChildren of Mexico (4)PJ & Child – Great Grandson & Great, Great Grandson

Violetta – Great Granddaughter

Children of Mexico (5)Cousins Annette, Valeria, and Bryan – Great GrandchildrenChildren of Mexico (3)



*Don Ignacio passed away on January 13th 2015.

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