It was the second time in one day. I tried to relax in my chair because the choice was not mine; it could not be fought. At least this time it wasn’t in heavy afternoon traffic. At least we weren’t dodging other vehicles at five feet from impact.

The copilot held up a walkie-talkie. “We are up at 95. 95 going to 100, you copy?”

“We are 90.”

“Really? He drives faster, why is he going so slow?”


“105, we are at a 105!”


“Dang, they are catching up.”

The speedometer in our car steadily rose till it reached a new high of 115. “Can we make it to 120? Can we pass 120?” the copilot barked. “Can we -“

“Hey!” a female’s voice cut through the radio, “my mom will never let me hang out with you guys again!”

“Shoot!” The copilot twisted the nob on top of the talkie, “I forgot about them!”

The lights ahead rushed towards us. We started passing cars like the were parked on the side of the road.

“Can we please slow down?” I asked.

The car held steady for a couple seconds. It seemed like more; as if time was flying across our windows while the vehicle held immunity. Then of course, we felt the tug in our seat belts and the other car passed us as we slowed to 80.  We watched it mingle into upcoming traffic along with the blue lights that followed a couple minutes later.

“Hey. Hello, hell-o?”

“They might be too far away, try calling.” Said the driver.

“Hey, there is a cruiser behind you.”

“Ok, thanks.” Came the reply from the other side.

Much later – as the droplets of rain dribbled at the windshield – we arrived at the parking lot. The car drifted through the cones without knocking any of them. We screamed and laughed in delight but the driver didn’t seem surprised.

“We used to do this all the time,” he whispered under the noise. The car came to a stop and the ride was over.


This is what 120 looks like. The speedometer is glowing and the colors are streaming past the windows.

Freshman year, we were assigned to take a picture and play around with the light. This was my finished product. I was told that taking pictures while driving should be as illegal as texting. I agree.  Anyways I wasn’t the one behind the wheel when this picture was taken 😉

Of course, the image above is actually a composite taken in a Canadian car. It was quite hilarious; all of the sudden, everyone got really quiet. We looked at each other and out the window, but the Napa Valley grapevines weren’t moving any faster than they usually do.

“Why are we going at 120?” I finally asked. Then after a moment of silence, we laughed because the speedometer was in kilometers, not miles.


6 thoughts on “Reckless

  1. Hey Jacquie,
    I first of all have to say that I admire your work. I think you did a really great job on this one. The combination of the two images into one is seem-less and ambitious. Awesome colors, racy feel, and the speedometer at 120 is really the catch.


  2. You do a great job at using light to illustrate speed and motion. If the speedometer was in focus, this would be even better! Overall good work this quarter, and good job at being creative for this assignment. 🙂


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