Now You See them, Now You Don’t

We were lured towards the Mexican/US boarder with the promise of hot springs. For weeks, that’s all I could think about; swimming, warm water, no school. We arrived at the campground much too late for a dip, but the next day, we were all there. The lighting inside the pool housing could not be ignored. I ran back to grab the 5D and a reflector.

As any improve shoot, we had to work with the elements present. Of course there were other people at the pool during the time the pictures were taken. At first, this wasn’t a problem. We tried to stay out of their way as much as they stayed out of ours. Unfortunately, towards the end, we attracted the attention of some older men. One specifically came up to us and started offering tips. We smiled polity until he grabbed the reflector and  shone it at one of the bikini clad assistants.

He was probably just trying to be helpful, but we got a little creeped out. This isn’t the first time something like that has happened. I’ll probably have to come up with a way to keep non crew members from getting involved.

Anyways, the first set of images came out something like this:Agua Caliente (1024x391)

Cute girls by the pool just wasn’t cutting it. I ran back to the campsite and scavenged through my things. A scarf from Switzerland,  cowgirl hat for attending rodeos in Mexico and sunglasses made it back to the pool.IMG_9794 (1024x683)

Yes props, that was it! They added dept to Pallas and Karen’s characters. We didn’t learn the lesson soon enough. The next time I needed to fetch props, we were out in the middle of the desert. Knives and flashlights were the only thing in the car. The machete the guys used to cook breakfast would have been much more epic!


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