In Control

Public undress isn’t something I usually encourage. It’s so uncomfortable to see someone in that predicament. Strangely enough, I may or may not have ended up in my underwear, smack in the middle of a brightly lit sidewalk. Thankfully, the incident didn’t result in nightmares. There have flashbacks though, often triggered by the raging fury of European cruisers. I hate panic trickling up my spine but it does bring back the memories. I love the memories.

It was somewhat late in the evening but the sun had only dipped behind the horizon within the hour. Already, city lights gleamed in a rainbow of color.  The lake was the most rewarding.  The moon shimmered on its surface and the fountain lights turned on to showcase the Jet d’Eau in all it’s glory.  This was why we’d done it. This was why we were stood above the city without ropes or any other logical safety measure. We gazed out only in the safety of the metal that kept us from falling. We wanted to be adventurous. We wanted to be epic like the crane climbing rooftop hanging, Mustang Wanted.IMG_0192 (1280x837)

The moments of bliss were interrupted by the loud cries of police sirens. Perhaps our all black ‘voleur’ attire wasn’t enough. Perhaps we’d been caught. Either way, it was time to get down. Our decent was accompanied by the passing of Swiss patrols and injury to our knees as we struggled to get down. Every second, we held our breath in suspense. Every moment, we were in danger of getting caught.

In the end, one by one, we managed to crawl under the fence. We managed to get away. A few minutes later, the three of us stood on a seemingly deserted street. The timing was off. Cars and pedestrians suddenly burst through, finding us in various stages of undress. This was the 3rd outfit change in one day.  We let down our hair and left in dresses. No one would have recognized us then. Girls in dressed couldn’t have been up in the crane just a few moments before.

Looking back on the experience, it’s not the actual crane climbing that was most treasured within the adventure.  We’d talked about it before; the reason why we’d taken a break from school and moved to Europe. Throughout our academic careers, it was easy to follow the advice of our parents. In a way, it was as if we were trying to live their dreams and not our own. Climbing the crane was symbolic because it was something we’d chosen to do for ourselves.

Silly at it sounds; it was the point of realization that I could actually do whatever I truly desired. Not so much about going outa control crazy but rather that I was in control of my destiny. By the same token, it was also understood that my life will be determined by the choices I make whether good or bad.

 On ending thought, it would have sucked to get deported!


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