Glitter and Rope

I’ve started following Instagram accounts with outdoor photographers. The way they capture foggy mountain cross backs makes them seem to be living a dream. Nostalgia for the alps and especially the little French mountain with the Swiss flag is especially strong at this moment.

IMG_0183a (1024x768)Unlike the previous weeks, this time there were no strolls on LA rooftops, no scouting for hippie garbage cans in Riverside and finally no fancy outfits. Instead, I hung from beams at REI, off roaded at midnight, climbed ladders and clinging to dear life from the tops of boulders. ­­­­ Inspiration. IMG_9140 (1024x683)There was also a significant amount of time spent arguing about the best way to conceal a harness during a rock climbing editorial. Really? It may look more natural if the harness is showing. We shall see. That will be a project for another time when there is enough equipment available… maybe a year from now.

Glitter (396x1024)In the mean time, I’ve been practicing non- portrait shots. It’s all too easy to get used to capturing the beauty of the human body and forgetting to take other techniques into consideration.

This particular set on the left was a bokeh experiment. All four images were taken at the same distance with a 50mm lens.

It’s kind of interesting to see how the change in focus altered the over all color and feel of the image. It would have been cool to add the silhouettes to this sort of environment.

In the future, I’d like to work on merging the subject within the backdrop… making them belong as part of the scenery. Not entirely sure how it will work out as I’d also like to include elements of editorial, fashion and conceptual photography.

Due to our inability to find the correct colors and sizes, Karen and I have also discussed the possibility of designing our own outfits for future projects.

So many ideas and not a lot of time to get it all together. Hopfully, I can present a specific plan in time for summer. Our group has been planning a lot of adventures for then.  Sunset 2 (1024x158)


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