Don’t Get Carried Away

If you want to do a photoshoot from an aerial perspective do you:

A. Use a drone

B. Take images from a helicopter

C. Have entire crew jump from a plane and capture the shot mid air


For the traveler, airports are the worst but for a photographer, they are an ideal playground. Whether it’s sticking a DSLR out the window or sneaking onto the runway, there is so much potential in everything that deals with flight.

IMG_0308People don’t realize how much I enjoy doing photoshoots in which planes are involved. My first official fashion shoot took place at an airport and I’ve done three others since. The thought of working on a fifth project is just as exhilarating as the previous ones have been.

Runaway Gypsy Child

This past weekend, I found myself on an air strip in the mountains, bouncing ideas with friends.

  • Work with a male model, since the previous four shoots have been with females.
  • Have the plane in a grassy field with a group of friends picnicking in the foreground.
  • A father with a child who dreams of becoming a pilot.

The whole grassy field thing would be amazing, but it seems like something that might be difficult to pull off, at least in California. I have yet to get past photographing aircraft in their parking spots.

By the time we finally made it into the office, the airport was already closed.  Thankfully, we did get the chance to talk with a pilot from a helicopter tour company. One of my friends asked if it were possible to go up for the specific purpose of taking pictures. To our surprise,  the pilot said he could remove the door so we could  get better quality images. In addition, he said that if we wanted to photograph a specific location, he could fly us over at the same rate as the tours. AWESOME!  Minds went traveling wild.

“We could totally put a model in a long dress on a peek and have him fly over.”

“Hey, that’s what I was thinking.”

Thus for the rest of the day we talked and talked and talked about how cool it would be to do such a thing. IMG_9922On the way home, I was like “Wait, we don’t need a helicopter; we could just use a drone.”

There were a couple disheartened sighs until someone brought up the possibility of the drone falling on the model and thus injuring and damaging all. Though such an incident would be anything but funny, there were certainly  laughs to go around.

“Ok, so back to the helicopter?”

Judging from that picture I took while flying a Cessna, there are definitely some other concerns besides cameras and things falling on people. Like what if the model looks like an ant and when the pilot agrees to descend, the she falls due to wind force?

When I told my parents later that day, my Dad suggested that I don’t push for the idea unless it’s of monetary value. After all, as a whole, this project would be more expensive than the rock climbing idea from last week. While I still think the experience is worth it, my Dad does have a point.

Well, it’s ok to reach for the stars. Only time will tell what opportunities might come up. As I found out yesterday, this group proved it’s possible to do a photoshoot in mid air 😀


4 thoughts on “Don’t Get Carried Away

      1. Maybe, Jacquie. But I wouldn’t bet on it. I am sure that the powers that be are as concerned about who flies in and out of private airfields as well as public airfields. (Probably not to worry… at least too much:) ) –Curt


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