Maybe Viking?

It was the result of bad planing: the camera was forgotten at school, the model wasn’t contacted on time and I wanted to take a nap and forget about the time that a certain snowboarding trip had ended in tears. Nevertheless, Hannah agreed to be in the pictures. Since we had yet to see her in a dress, everyone was more than excited to carry on with plans.

After dropping off the snowboarders, Hannah and I found ourselves hiking through the snow in dresses. While funny at first, the feat proved rather unfortunate as I fell and caused the entire crew to slide down the mountainside. Those observing from the warmth of their cars laughed nervously, most certainly judging our choice of attire.

Vikings (3)

With fur, a husky, knife and the texture of Hannah’s hair, the theme developed somewhat of a Viking undertone. Gretchen, our stylist also had her try on a white snow coat, but it was decided that the coat did not match Hannah’s personality.

While the rays of light touched the earth, Erwin reflected them onto the characters. We raced from one location to another as the sun danced between the trees. When it was finally gone, the ISO was adjusted to compensate for the lack of light.

In post production, blues were accented in order to add to the coolness of the pseudo Norse winter. I also did some research to see if the images at all resembled the assumed appearance of a viking girl. The trees didn’t even make the cut. The Nordic forest lacks the bushiness displaced by Californian evergreens. Then there is the matter of the dog which looks a tad bit Americanized. Well… it’s not historically accurate, but hey, close enough right?

After the photoshoot, we headed to the slopes for some night skiing/snowboarding.  While Hannah was totally conquering the steepest drops, people had a hard time believing that I’d ever skied down the Alps. Yes, it was that bad.

For the record, the ALPS are amazing!


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