Primera Pasarela :D

The last time I attended a REVO Fashion show, it was from behind a bush and with a telephoto lens. This time, Veronica asked if I wanted to be in it. Of course, such opportunity could not be missed.

Dress fittings, alterations, song choosing practices…preparation was much like that of a wedding. Even in the hours before the event, the girls lounged in sweatpants and make up, much like brides maids on the day of the wedding.

Make up by VanessaFinally, when everyone’s nails were dry and every curl was in place, the girls tipped toed across the campus. Backstage we got dressed and in the larger of the rooms, practiced once more.

Music came on and the models peeked through the newspaper covered windows in attempt to see. The runway was a little different than we’d been lead to believe. We had to try again with the new setup in mind.

La Sierra Revo Then at last, it was our turn to walk the walk.

There were only two other lines after ours. I ran out to the back to see if there was the opportunity for a good shot. Only got one. The rest were the result of the wrong shutter speed.La Sierra RevoWhile being a part of the show was wonderfully experienced, a part of me still longed to hold a camera. Guess sometimes a choice must be made.

This time I’m glad to have been a part of the action 😀


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