Joie de Vivre

Sometimes, the best moments are unplanned. There is no room for being let down and no time to think up better circumstances.  Instead it’s a magical experience that can never be recreated to uttermost perfection. To some, it’s a lifestyle. To others, it becomes an addiction in which they crave the feeling of bliss.



Not getting caught.

Of course, it’s not always about frights and increasing heart rates. Gazing up at the stars or watching the sunrise adds to the same effect. Shooting stars and dancing rays of light, they are all part of the adventure. It’s living life for oneself, rather than through characters in movies.



And other social media.

Off Roading (1)It must be because of this that they say “Everybody dies but not everybody LIVES”

So, go on and make everyday  as epic as can be 🙂


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