Jupiter and Venus Hiding Behind a Tree

My friends had gone out for sushi but I’d chosen to pace back and forth on my parents driveway. Amanda, one of my roommates from college, was explaining her dilemma in regards to art school. I could only relate and acknowledge her struggle in frustration.  Sometime later, my mom told me to look up at the sky. I was feeling ‘eh’ but she insisted and even helped find my tripod. The result was as good as it could get from within city limits.
IMG_0973a (1024x683)
“There is too much light” I complained. My mom agreed to drive out but in the end, we decided that there was no place near that would be shielded from the city brights. Then she started laughing “It wouldn’t work anyways.” I shrugged in confusion.
“The moon.” She pointed out.
After learning my lesson on that a couple years ago – I’ve no idea how It could have been forgotten. Bottom line – the moon is not a friend when it comes to taking star pictures 😀

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