Twenty Six Hour Drawing

The drawing instructor gazed at us with a smile spreading across her lips. “Create an imaginary world,” she said, enticing our imaginations. What was not as enticing, however, was the hundred sixty eight hours and  twenty four inch papers we had to complete the assignment.

Given that mermaids would be the easiest subject for me to draw, I settled on an underwater world in watercolor. My friends in the class; Paul, Amanda and Zach also chose their worlds and mediums ranging from acrylic to charcoal. In the evenings, we’d hang out in the art department to work on our projects – at least that’s how I remember it. Since it’s been a few years, well, there’s nothing like Facebook to bring back the memories. According to my roomie, the creative process looked something like this:

The RoomieMy wall elaborates a little more. In summery, I spent a lot of time singing on trees, dancing on tables, chasing and racing people down the art department,  sleeping in class and staying up till past four in the morning. Here it is, just for laughs: 26hourdrawing1

Kinda surprised that it’s not mentioned on there, but there was also an incident in which one of my classmates and I got locked out of the art department. We ended up climbing a ladder to a balcony which allowed us to squeeze through one of the second story windows. To our uttermost surprise, the drawing instructor was just down the hall from our entry point, seemingly staring in our direction. Thankfully, she didn’t see us. Otherwise, our little mission to get to our art projects late at night could have proven costly. In retrospect, my friends and I should have mapped out our schedules more diligently.

The night before the project was due, Amanda and I sat in our dorm hall for hours trying to complete our worlds. By the end of it, we were having incoherent conversations and fell asleep among the decorative furniture. The next morning, my roommate and our friend Jenny helped me color in the mermaid’s hair. I dragged the paper into class with a trail of colored water dripping behind me. Twenty six hours had been logged into completing it… it was nap time!

Underwater World, Age 20

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