Contrasto en Haute Couture

While normal portraits are always in, sometimes it’s fun to contort the angles and play with lighting. That’s what high fashion photography is all about; dramatic lighting, strong facial expressions and unique body compositions. Might have even made up a new phrase to describe such images in black and white. Just kidding – but really though… ‘Contrasto en Haute Couture’ is a mixture of two languages. ‘Contrasto’ is Italian for ‘contrast’ while ‘haute couture’ is French for ‘high fashion’. Voila, the exact phrase to describe these images.

I remember the first time figuring it out. My friend’s mom kept a collection of fashion magazines and during a beach trip, she brought them out for Anastasia and I to gaze.

“It’s abnormal,” Anastasia started, “here they look stunning, but if we were to do this, it would look weird.”

At the time, it seemed like a logical recipe achieving the high fashion look.

This is Bronsen.
International traveler, Professor, aspiring model.

We met up a couple weeks ago for a quick shoot in the middle of the day. While midday photography is usually a no-no, the lighting works quite well for dramatic effect. I barely even used a reflector.

Bronsen wore mostly black that day which contrasted quite nicely against the backgrounds used. The images were transformed into black and white during post production. It added to the drama and removed any distractions caused by ambient color.

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