These Three

August means I get to hang out with these three bundles of joy for a couple hours. 281709_2059379927986_278416_nIt’s been about five years since I took the first picture of my little cousins  together.  Comparing the two shots side by side, one can see an improvement in both composition and editing.

Photography Tips: 
  1. Remove as many distractions  from the background as possible.
  2. Remember that eyes draw viewers to the image.
  3. Don’t be afraid to enhance an image with editing.

Cousins! (2)
Speaking of editing, I don’t think either of these are straight out of the camera. Not sure what the process was for the first image, but you can see the visual progress tCousins! (1)hat took place as I worked on this last one.

Because the girls were in the shade, I changed  ‘curves’ on the image to make the girls stand out. Of course, there were also a couple other things such as color adjustments and stuff. Finally, a sun flare was added for pizazz.

Now that I look at the image, there are even more things that could be changed to make it look better. See the random pole, the red thing and maybe even the tree? They could all be edited out.

Oh well, maybe next time! There is always room to grow 🙂

4 thoughts on “These Three

  1. Great tips and beautiful girls. One of my favorite tips is to try and eliminate as many distractions during the shot and to focus on your subject and frame so you don’t have to crop as much or at all. I’m still learning to slow down.

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