California Postcard

A British girl sat across from me during a rehearsal dinner a couple days ago. I found out she’d spent the last couple weeks visiting her grandmother in Belize and was now in the States for her cousins wedding. During the ceremony, I got a shot of her looking out the window and across a Californian port. We talked about doing a photoshoot, but were too busy to follow through after the ceremony.

IMG_3611a (683x1024)

As far as this image goes, Abby is silhouetted because the background is brighter than the room we were in. A lot of times, when people try to take pictures in that sort of lighting, they become frustrated when the images don’t work out. My best advice, is to take advantage of the situation.

The person is too dark? Ok, turn them around so that their profile shows. You may not see the details of their faces, but at least you’ll get an interesting image.

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