Royalty on the Staircase

Some time ago, Abbee asked me to do her Senior portraits. I was thrilled, especially after learning that she would be wearing a traditional Pakistani outfit for part of the session! IMG_8980aThe original location of choice was an archway overgrown with vines. Unfortunately, lighting made it almost impossible to find the right moment to take the pictures there. Obviously the sun was too strong in the morning and by golden hour, the foliage covered archway was absolutely bleak.

We decided to try another time and for that, Abbee chose a classy library downtown. We met up an hour or so before sunset and caught the rays of light peeking through the arches. There was a bit of shuffling around to avoid a motorist and various library patrons. Overall, these were minor conflicts and did not obstruct the general composition of the images.

As the sun slipped over the horizon, we tiptoed towards the police station to investigate a staircase. It was truly by curiosity that we wound up there, and in the end, it turned out to be a blessing.
IMG_9080aI’d like to add one of the images from the session to my ‘Once Upon a Fairytail‘ album, but I don’t know which one! The cover image with Abbee walking through the archway looks like it could go for ‘Jasmine’ while this one of her laying on the staircase suits ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

IMG_9104aIt may not have been a conventional ‘Senior Session’, but hey, we got some pretty awesome shots, didn’t we?


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