Mountain Selfie Addicts

It’s no secret; social media nurtures an obsession with images of one’s self. It’s contagious and while evidence shows an increase in narcissism and mental disorders, selfies are unlikely to go away for a very long time. If you can’t beat them, join them, right?

Bad Selfie Game

make the most of your Outdoor selfie game
  • -PREPLAN your shots-

If you are familiar with the itinerary, make a quick list of the types of pictures you would like to accomplish throughout. Let others in on your intentions so that they won’t be completely horrified when say, you show up to a hike wearing a wedding dress or an astronaut suit.

  • -Have someone else pull the trigger-

If there are other photographers in your crew, or otherwise decent picture takers, have them take the shot. Yes, selfie is short for ‘self portrait’ but unless you are equipped with a tripod, your buddy might get a better picture in a decent amount of time.

  • -Don’t get carried away posing-

If you are new at something, for example rock climbing, don’t climb up a rock without a rope and stretch your leg way up in the air towards an invisible hold. Those who rock climb on a regular basis will see through the ignorance. This applies to any other sport or hobby.

  • -Put your camera away after a designated period of time-

If you plan to take landscapes, keep your lens out. If you were only interested in getting shots of yourself and your friends in certain compositions, but it away when you are done. Nature is best enjoyed live, without the distraction on a tiny screen featuring an imperfect copy.

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