As Written in 2014, While I Lived in France:
Our visit to Château De Chillon along Lac Léman proved to be quite amusing. Guess we’ve been visiting a lot of castles lately.  It’s the same routine every time. Everyone goes in at once. We are handed these little audio tour guides and spend a couple of hours crossing off the numbers on the brochure.  Not gonna lie – it’s gotten a little old.  Confessionala (1280x851)But what happened at Château De Chillon was a little different.

Grace walked over to the ancient structure dominating the room. She stroked it gingerly as the rest of us gathered to observe.

“This pole,” she stated as a matter of fact,”is older than our country.”

A very confused little British boy stepped out from behind. We couldn’t control the laughter. It’s true though, the US is younger than most the architecture anywhere out here.

As we continued on with our self guided tour, Grace, Collin and Mackenzie took turns recounting some very imaginative accounts of the castle’s history. At one point, a crowd of strangers gathered around Grace as she described how the castle’s pet dragon used the fireplace to roast it’s food… thinking she was a legit tour guide, the others blinked in disbelief before chuckling as the act became less convincing.

So anyways, that’s how we passed the time at Château De Chillon. Here is a video my friend Grace made on the experience:

* I started writing this post two years ago and am now using it as back up since I’m currently stuck in a blizzard in Utah 😛

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