Set Fire to the Brain

OriginalTheir comments flow freely through the feeds of many photographers. These being thoughts and critiques from those who believe that photography’s brilliance is limited to it’s original exposure; straight  from the camera if you will. They say that an image is otherwise ruined when it no longer represents the truth of the situation in which the photograph was taken. Essentially that the image is a fib… a misrepresentation of reality, thus defeating the purpose of capturing a moment.

Photography is an art in which everyone has the right to defend their preferences, and within this post, I will defend mine.

This is the thing; I’m an artist. My art is a reflection of me, my feelings, imagination and innovation. It’s a self prescribed therapy, more beneficial to the artist than the viewer. A chance to explore areas that cannot be audibly spoken.

When taking a picture, I don’t just see what’s before me. There’s always potential for mood change; different lighting, maybe even a different time of day. I love manipulating sun flares, dotting the sky with stars, and these are just a few of my favorite things. Sometimes one can also get carried away with butterfly wings and dragon spells. It’s all part of the adventure.

To that individual who claims to appreciate my photographic skill but also spends ample time criticizing technique if they find that the photo of their interest has been post processed – maybe you should look into finding other photographers that suit your visual needs.

I will set my creativity in a roaring fire and it will burn for as long as I desire. Set Fire to the Brain

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