Someone is Selling Burgers?

Burgers, music, music videos, Islamic propaganda, galleries, apparel… Just kinda thought provoking, the things one finds on accident.

So, basically a couple days ago, it was discovered that several people have used my pictures for various projects. They didn’t asked for permission and they didn’t give credit.  I’m not upset, not surprised but rather deep in thought.

Going back through my images I realized that there are several incidents in which images were used off the internet for class projects. I asked the professor about it specifically; how does this work? Are you sure I can use this for my project?  We were simply told to Google up the highest resolution possible. It didn’t matter what was used. The rule of thumb was simple; class and none profit projects were ok.

But was that really ok?

One of my pictures, I found, is being used to sell shirts for a clothing company. They blended it quite well with their model and what not. The funny part is that I recognized the backdrop landscape in the image. Of course, anyone can take pictures at that location – but no one can take them identically.



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