Fall Greetings

While searching for autumn inspiration,  I found a set of water colored plants that were being sold individually as PNG files. The idea was that they could be combined into multiple art pieces through a computer editing software. Though these files were unpurchasely expensive, I thought it might be cool to use a similar technique to create my project.


Initially I intended to look over Botanical Photography in order to create realistic renditions of plants. As luck would have it, I was lacking internet connection, and worst of all a supply of acceptable looking specimens.

In the end, I doodled from my imagination. It went okay, I suppose. Just ok. Besides the plants, there was an additional page with just brush strokes of fall looking colors, ya know – just in case.


Turns out the scanner was not installed. Other than that, transfering the images from my sketch book into the computer went better than expected. The scanner illuminated any awkward shading in the white space that would have definitely been a problem had I used my camera. Only a bit cropping along the edges was needed.


The fall plant PNG files I’d seen for sale were individually placed on a clear background. My scans of watercolor plants did not have this luxury.

There didn’t seem to be enough time to go around each plant and cut them out from the white background. Instead, I used a filter to make the background somewhat transparent.

There was a lot of copy and pasting, sizing and readjusting. Plants were placed daintly around the edges of the card, words typed inbetween. Finally, I added texture from the fall colored page. It was  within the background, and also to the words.

Some fading was done… And it was decided the project was completed.

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