Dear Loved Ones,

10 thoughts on “Dear Loved Ones,”

  1. Praying all goes well. That is a tough fight. It is amazing how easily you can get an infection from being in any part of a hospital environment. A port I had that had been put in surgically in April 2016, and accessed multiple times for treatments over the summer, was accessed once in a hospital environment and got infected. A surgeon had to remove it a few days later.

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    1. Thank you, your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated 😀
      Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry that happened! Hopefully you have successfully recuperated from that incident.
      Honestly, I feel like in a hospital environment, it’s easy to get careless. Then it’s difficult to prove that carelessness occurred :/ My dad’s leg was actually broken by the doctor he saw at urgent care.

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      1. There is carelessness in healthcare. Patients really need family or friends to be their advocates if they can’t be their own advocates. During all the stuff I went through, I often had to remind doctors and nurses of things they needed to be doing or not doing because communication between healthcare providers is dismal. I’m recovered — my port was removed in September 2016 a month before I had a stem cell transplant.


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