How to Be the Worst Client Ever ;)

Hey guys,

I have compiled a list to help you be the worst client. But seriously though, don’t be that person.

– The Relative –

This one is super easy. Is the person providing the service related to you? Guilt trip them about that.

– The Ghost –

This is the act of refusing to communicate with those providing the services until an emergency arises.

– The Complainer –

Call your service provider on a regular basis to complain about other service providers or people they are collaborating with.

– The Cheapskate  –

Only purchase cheap services even if the quality is terrible or the service provider is underpaid.

– The Sue Happy  –

Sue everyone. Talk about how your creative requests end up in lawsuits.

– The Poor  –

Request services for charity. Pretend you really need the service though it can’t be afforded.

– The Pro  –

Watch over the shoulder and correct the post process.

– The Criminal –

Copyright is not a real thing – persuade the service provider to ensue in criminal activity.

And well, can you think of any advice? Feel free to add to the comments!

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