Ultralight Packing Challenge

Winter Break, 2014 – I arrived at the airport too late to check in baggage. Either it stayed behind or I’d be missing my last opportunity to hang out with my grandpa. Obviously, seeing grandpa beats hauling luggage so as a last resort to make it to my destination, I put a couple things in my purse, grabbed Tigger and headed abroad for two weeks.  Upon arrival, a cousin gave me clothing she’d been hoping to give away. When I got home, there were a few items made available by other family members. In the end, the only thing that I purchased ended up being a pair of jeans. Thus goes the story of how I survived two weeks in a foreign country with no luggage!

Wait… but was that cheating?

Now it’s 2018 and I’m wondering if it’s possible to travel somewhere for a weekend with only a ‘personal item’ as defined by various airlines.

I think it’s totally possible! Luggage is overrated. Anyways, here is a shot of the things that joined me on a recent trip to a wedding in Cincinnati.

Please note:

1. IDK how everyone gets those awesome shots overlooking everything they packed. I think I failed my first try!

2. During the trip, I wore one of the outfits pictured + had my camera out to take pictures.

Travel Outfit

IMG_9062-Edit After plotting a few weeks, I decided on this outfit for the flight. Due to the black pants being a jumpsuit, this outfit is not necessarily the most convenient but having previously flown with it from Los Angeles to Dubai, I’ve found it pretty comfortable.

Thursday Night

 Convertible heels with interchangeable flat to stiletto pieces initially sounded like the best idea. Ultimately, I ended up using wedges and the pair of flats so thin that they could be folded into a sandwich bag.


One time while in Geneva, a friend and I purchased bathing suits to go swimming in Lac Leman. I’d gotten this little black dress as a cover-up. It’s since become one of my favorite dress up, dress down pieces. In this trip, it mostly dressed down for a casual vibe.

Friday Night

 It was important to have accessories that could serve multiple functions. Here for the rehearsal dinner, I’m using a clutch which initially held personal toiletries, and a Fitbit with a wristband fit for a formal affair.


Due events and outfit changes planned each day, clothing that could be used several times with different accessories was also important.

Saturday Night

 There was an exception, however. For the wedding, I reserved this formal length gown.

I did pretty good, right? My fiance who’d taken a carry-on + personal item actually had fewer outfit changes. Being able to successfully pull the trick, I thought that taking anything more would have been too much.

Right now, I’m back home even though my grandparents are no longer around. I brought my fiance to meet my extended family for the first time.  For this week-long trip, I backed a personal item + carry on. We ended up checking a bag so that we could go rock climbing in a local National Park.

For safety reasons, current locations cannot always be disclosed + by the time I edit and plan my blog posts I’m probably no longer around.

But this time around I will say that I’m in a different country than where these pictures were taken and couple hours ago, I ended up – kinda by accident – on a rooftop overlooking a baroque cathedral next to a cobblestone road. 🌍🌎🌏 I might post about it after a while… or not because honestly there are so many things from earlier trips that I would like to share.

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