❄ Snow White ❄

The Request

Sarah has been one of my favorite models to work with.  She is willing to try out of the box ideas and doesn’t shy from the camera. So when she asked if I could help her out with a project a few years ago – I was totally down!

The Inspiration

Since Sarah allowed creative freedom with this project, I headed to Pinterest for inspiration.

Feel free to check it out! Just click on the image and Pinterest will open on a different tab 🙂

The Design

After analyzing the images on  Pinterest, I drew up a sketch with my vision for the photo shoot. From top to bottom – the vision included antlers, a flower crown, a locket, crop top and white maxi skirt.

Though it was exciting to think about using antlers, we found none that could be used in time for the photoshoot. There was a paper mache buck bust that we considered borrowing antlers from, but in the end we decided to go without.

Sarah worked diligently in creating a crown and belt from flowers we’d picked at the store.

The Adventure

We took off driving towards the mountains on an empty tank of gas. Oops. Once realizing this – we coasted back into town for a refill. That was exhilarating! I’m glad we didn’t get stuck. Can you imagine?

Our initial goal was to drive up to the top of the mountain where we expected the most snow. Instead, we found a thick layer by a hidden little town at the base of the mountain. It’s a good thing we didn’t go all the way up. I found out later that the snow doesn’t last up there.

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Last of the Snow ❄

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We found a couple great spots on the side of the road. Getting through the snow was a little tough, but what’s a photo shoot without a little adventure?

The Result

Afterward, Sarah and her mom picked their favorites. I used photoshop to edit those.

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A couple of them, like this one, had extra editing done. Overall, the process was long and tedious but the results were exciting. The pictures were shared on social media but eventually got buried in people’s feeds.

The Revisit

A few years later, they resurfaced while I organized one of my hard drives. By then, lot’s of things had changed in my post process routine. Instead of working immediately through Photoshop, I’d gotten familiar with Lightroom and had just purchased my first set of presets.

At first, presets may seem no different than Instagram Filters. You have a picture – and both Presets and Filters can provide a base from which that image can be edited. The difference is that with Lightroom Presets, one has ultimate creative power.  With Photoshop as a last resort, editing went by so much faster. The pictures came out looking brighter and crisper than the original edits. I’m even more excited about the final results.

The Advice

  1. Plan. Use Pinterest, draw it up… etc. Opt for original over coping someone else’s work.
  2. Get props sorted out. Be willing to compromise or come up with something else if the top choices don’t work out.
  3. Location scout prior to the date of the photoshoot. Adjust as necessary.
  4. Have a contract.
  5. Have a plan for post process before shooting. Once the pictures have been taken, get to work! Look up tutorials if you get stuck.
  6. Write out a plan for what you are going to do with the images afterward. If you plan to have them published by a third party, you will need to look into what your options are. For example – in many cases, you can’t publish your work yourself before handing the images off to a magazine.

But most of all, enjoy working on each and every aspect of your project!



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