2nd & 3rd Month – Art Challenge

“Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.” –  Mason Cooley

It’s been a month or two and even though I uploaded to other social media, I did not do the official posts for February and March’s digital drawings. So here we are. As a refresher:

12 Month Digital Art Challenge
  • Create at least one digital art piece every month during 2019
  • Share on social media to encourage accountability
  • Write a blog post for each one with 1 -12 thoughts depending on what month it is.

For the month of February, I created this headshot on my phone using both Adobe Draw & Adobe Sketch.

  1. This was initially supposed to be a mermaid with a shell headdress. Without enough time to work on intricate details, I opted for a pearl headpiece. This change gave the portrait a bridal quality – perhaps one that might be associated with a Celtic bride.
  2. As far as techniques, I worked on shading to create facial features. Though messy and abrupt, I’m proud of the nose structure! In the past, it’s been excruciatingly difficult to work on noses so being able to do this from scratch was amazing.I’m less proud regarding the lack of lip detail and the odd shape of the eyes but am unsure how I could have made these better at the time they were being worked on.

For the month of March, I created a koi fish pond & koi mermaid on my phone using Adobe Sketch.

  1. The majority of this project was created while either traveling or attending lectures. I’d initially anticipated an additional 9 hours to add lilies, flowers, bubbles, scales and facial features but lost the stylus I was using for details. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to finish this piece before the end of March. Do you think I should work on it later on or leave it?
  2. I found it interesting that while setting down the brush, one can watch the paint spread onto the canvas like watercolor. I’ve never been able to do a watercolor that came out this cool so now I’m wondering what would have to be done to imitate the effects on paper.
  3. I’ve taken an interest in color theory lately and have been wishing I’d taken it as a class while in college. Although this art piece was done in variations of colors traditionally used for ponds and taisho sanke koi, I’m wondering about how I could have changed around the colors to convey a different mood.

    For example, what about a pond stocked with platinum ogon butterfly koi and a black mermaid with red lips? Perhaps the hardest part of such a project would be finding appropriately colored pond accessories that match the theme, but it might be a fun project.

    I haven’t started on April’s project yet. Wish me luck!

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