A Letter to My 27 Year Old Self

Hey Jacquie!

Happy Birthday girl! Are you alive? Yes? Good! So, how are you doing? Hopefully everything is alright.  Do you remember the point of this? If not, let me remind you… this is your chance to get refocused in life!

At the time that this letter was written you were going through somethings… shall we list them out?

  • Your parents sacrificed more than they had so you could go to school.
    How did that work out? Did you graduate into your career?  Are you currently financially secure? If not – this is you sign to fix it. Come on, it’s not that hard. Stop whatever you are doing and turn your life around.
  • You were afraid that you would end up living under a bridge.
    So…hopefully that never happened right? If so, why didn’t you go back to your house in Rio?
  • Rio.
    Who currently lives in your house? What is the state of the countryside? You wanted to replace all the lights for LEDs and paint the outside of the house in the fashion of stain glass. If you haven’t already – what is stopping you now? Have any projects taken place in the last couple of years? If not – do something creative.
  • Have you paid off your debts? 
    To the person who took care of your cats. To the person who took you on a road trip. To the institutions who loaned you money to study. To the hospital and doctors who saved your life. If not, don’t panic – make a plan. It’s not that much. You got this!
  • Your French Doctor Said you could get a Stem Cell Transplant in Geneva.
    So… did you do it? Yes? Good. No? Well, guess what – don’t give up hope. You WILL have everything figured out in the near future.
  • What is your relationship with your parents? 
    Go call them and tell them you love them.
  • What about God?
    You have always known of his existence but you don’t always get along. One by one, you watched your friends disassociate themselves with religion. Did you do it too? Or, did you rekindle your connection? If you have stopped going to church, became agnostic or even became Buddhist – go talk to God. He is there. He loves you. He misses you. Get in touch as if he were an old friend.
  • Who are your friends? 
    Do you currently have good ones? What happened to your old ones? Find a way to connect with them if you have lost touch. Send them a message, a card, maybe they are only a phone call away.
  • You had stalkers…
    Ok, yes – this was a common thing for you. Random too, and you weren’t the only one. That is not a thing anymore, right?
  • Is there a Man in your life?
    Evaluate this situation- is it all good? Or did he invite you to his family’s ’empty apartment’ in the South of France like that other guy? Or is he a rude pre med student who offers you ‘the world’? Remember, the devil presents himself in everything you ever wished for. Make sure your man is NOT the devil.
  • Where do you live in the world?
    You wanted to live in Lebanon and Africa temporarily and spend a summer in the Caribbean. You also wanted to return to Switzerland. So…?
  • Do you have children? 
    You wanted to adopt or use a segregate. Do you have three of them allready? A boy and two girls? Take good care of them! If not – no worries, you aren’t even 30 yet!

So anyways, now that you have read this letter, reflect on your thoughts as a 22 year old and react accordingly. If you need help with anything, seek it.

Have a wonderful life, JQ!

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