Dear Plants, Please Don’t Die

Gardeners have green thumbs. It’s fun to pretend one can grow a garden, but unfortunately my thumb has remained a shameful brown since the beginning of time. I usually wait a while before taking my plant’s portraits but have increasingly found myself photographing a murder. That’s why yesterday I decided to practice photo editing techniques on newly acquired specimens. These three iridescent cuties were acquired … Continue reading Dear Plants, Please Don’t Die

Lunar Eclipse and the Tripod Mishap

I don’t always plan to do astrophotography, but sometimes when conditions are just right, it seems like a crime not too. That’s how I felt about the ‘Super Blood Moon’ lunar eclipse sweeping over the sky this weekend. Except it wasn’t until 3 min before the event that I found myself scrambling for equipment and feeling guilty for initially planning to avoid it. For the … Continue reading Lunar Eclipse and the Tripod Mishap

Abstract Love

Pictures of couples are a tricky thing. Those in them are usually in such a hurry to share with social media that little thought goes towards potential consequences. Think about that awkward Myspace phase in which teenagers kept posting closeup pictures of themselves french kissing. That was embarrassing right? Well so is the moment a Facebook user is caught ‘not in a relationship’ because they and their ex-muse have impulsively … Continue reading Abstract Love

The First 25 Hours of my 23rd Birthday

I woke up Sunday morning, unable to move with ease. After a quick inventory, I discovered that my left leg was covered in scratches  poignantly stinging at the slightest touch. Among the other discoveries was a swollen right knee highlighted in a shade of purple, mosquito bite on the left arm and soreness creeping across my right shoulder. It took a few hours before I noticed the poison ivy… … Continue reading The First 25 Hours of my 23rd Birthday

Wind Storm

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. – Dolly Parton This is one of the pictures taken during that top secret scouting trip a couple months ago. I’ve since been teased endlessly for wearing a wedding dress… for questionable purposes. It’s not like I’m in such desperate need of a marriage ceremony that I must carry proper attire should the opportunity … Continue reading Wind Storm

Jupiter and Venus Hiding Behind a Tree

My friends had gone out for sushi but I’d chosen to pace back and forth on my parents driveway. Amanda, one of my roommates from college, was explaining her dilemma in regards to art school. I could only relate and acknowledge her struggle in frustration.  Sometime later, my mom told me to look up at the sky. I was feeling ‘eh’ but she insisted and … Continue reading Jupiter and Venus Hiding Behind a Tree

La La La Light Pollution

Given my dislike for large pockets of civilization, the amount of times I’ve visited the city of Angels within the last six months is surprising. Ok, ok – admittedly that’s not entirely true. Being born within the city limits, does give Los Angeles a special place in my heart.During the summer Solstice, I climbed up to Griffith Observatory. The sun was diving beyond the hills. The amount of selfies taken against the … Continue reading La La La Light Pollution

Don’t Get Carried Away

If you want to do a photoshoot from an aerial perspective do you: A. Use a drone B. Take images from a helicopter C. Have entire crew jump from a plane and capture the shot mid air ƸӜƷ For the traveler, airports are the worst but for a photographer, they are an ideal playground. Whether it’s sticking a DSLR out the window or sneaking onto the runway, there is … Continue reading Don’t Get Carried Away

Glitter and Rope

I’ve started following Instagram accounts with outdoor photographers. The way they capture foggy mountain cross backs makes them seem to be living a dream. Nostalgia for the alps and especially the little French mountain with the Swiss flag is especially strong at this moment. Unlike the previous weeks, this time there were no strolls on LA rooftops, no scouting for hippie garbage cans in Riverside … Continue reading Glitter and Rope

In Control

Public undress isn’t something I usually encourage. It’s so uncomfortable to see someone in that predicament. Strangely enough, I may or may not have ended up in my underwear, smack in the middle of a brightly lit sidewalk. Thankfully, the incident didn’t result in nightmares. There have flashbacks though, often triggered by the raging fury of European cruisers. I hate panic trickling up my spine … Continue reading In Control

Straying from the Truth

They say that one should not lie because more lies will be created to cover. I have never understood this as well as last Saturday. Eventually, I will have to explain to my parents. Las Vegas + wedding dress? What a scandal. It started when Erwin suggested that we drive to Death Valley to check the venue for an upcoming camping trip. He told four … Continue reading Straying from the Truth

A Taste of Europa

They looked like toy soldiers from afar but up close it was no joke. Most people ignored them, but I was terrified. They stood silently at their posts but threatened with their eyes and the AR-15s they carried. Finally the glass slid, allowing me to walk through.  I sighed in relief and scanned the crowed for a familiar face. She walked right by and didn’t seem … Continue reading A Taste of Europa

Estrellas y Extraterrestres

School is out of my schedule for an entire seven days.  What’s on the calender instead? ROAD TRIP!  Nothing too extravagant like cross country, but driving up the state of California can be quite an adventure. Point of Departure:  Julian, CA – Final Destination:  St. Helena California. Over the past weekend, my friends and I have been camping out somewhere south of Julian. While most are just hanging … Continue reading Estrellas y Extraterrestres

Aliens, Lets be Friends!

For being new, there is a surprisingly large amount of familiar faces. A cousin, several church friends and definitively a ton of students who also transferred from the same college in Napa. Regardless, there is still a feeling of emptiness and loneliness in a new environment. Seeing acquaintances isn’t the same as creating epic memories with mes copins. Orientation didn’t do a very good job of introducing new friendships… … Continue reading Aliens, Lets be Friends!

Goodbye – One Last Time

We were up by 2:45am. Yeah, I know it’s crazy, but that’s the only way we’d be out by 3. Of course, the night sky was a cause for constantly running into things. Oh the stars, so many stars, oh so overwhelmingly marvelous! We tried to set up the tripod at the base of the mountain but were soon chased away by a pack of unchained dogs. … Continue reading Goodbye – One Last Time

From Afar

There is something enticing about the flickering multicolored lights produced by concentrations of civilization. They are like little galaxies within the planet we call earth. They represent everything that comes with human kind. Life. Happiness. Tragedy. Many prefer to walk within the comfort of concrete sidewalks and street lamps. They see carefree smiles of strangers and feel warmth in their passing. It’s a comforting feeling to be … Continue reading From Afar

That One Time Switzerland Invaded France

One hour of determined hiking can get one to the top. The view is absolutely amazing. Makes you realize how small you are and how big the world is in comparison. It’s fun going with friends, but sometimes going alone is the best option. You can loose yourself from pretty much anything. All the troubles and stress … pretty much just let everything drain out. That’s … Continue reading That One Time Switzerland Invaded France

Night on the Lac Léman

Went camping along the Lake Leman. By camping, I mean staying in cabins not too far from the water’s edge. On our first night there, Grace and I sat on one of the docks along the shore. Being there  reminded us of another lake in a country far, far away. We talked about life and whatever else flooded our minds at the time. Both being interested in … Continue reading Night on the Lac Léman

Night Under the Mountain

There is a group at our school that is often going camping or planning such outdoor activities. Wish I’d been better friends with them, because honestly those are the types of things that I miss from my childhood. The things I hope to continue doing in the future. I did get to hang out with them a couple weeks ago when they decided to camp out … Continue reading Night Under the Mountain

Durango Falls

Camping is fun. Experiencing different cultures is fun.  So, when I was invited to go camping at La Concha Durango, how could I say no? We got there by bus. Everyone unloaded their belongings and got ready to set up camp. But not everyone had come well prepared. There were only two tents to accommodate the group of 30 something. Several families decided to rent … Continue reading Durango Falls

Ice and Sky

We climbed up high hopping to catch a glimpse of the setting sun. The days had been getting warmer, thus we were truly surprised to find a blanket of snow.  Even more amusing was the team of paragliders standing next to the edge. The sun pierced through their gliders. The colors spread throughout the sky. It was so beautiful.  Hopefully these extreme sports fans weren’t … Continue reading Ice and Sky

Heaven… as Seen from the Entrance of the Olympic Museum.

We got the chance to visit the Olympic Museum Lausanne, Switzerland. It was actually a pretty amazing experience to get to see everything from memorabilia to actual costumes worn by the athletes. Strangely enough, my favorite time was spent outside the museum. The scenery was just amazing. Absolutely jaw dropping. Clouds hovering over the water… sun in the distance… It’s a shame that a camera … Continue reading Heaven… as Seen from the Entrance of the Olympic Museum.

Bare Feet, Snow and the Pre-Alps

Of course, everyone in California is bundling up for the cold. By cold, I should probably specify that they are experiencing temperatures in the 70s… But when the sun shown over the French Pre-Alps and the temperature rose up to 43◦, we grabbed black dresses and ran barefoot across the snow. Again, I borrowed Grace’s camera because mine is broken. Unfortunately, it ran out of … Continue reading Bare Feet, Snow and the Pre-Alps

Antsy to get to Annecy

After dinner one night, an older man stopped for a chat. He recommended that my friends and I visit the French town of Annecy and  Pont de la Caille. Having just arrived in France, I was scared to venture out. But I really wanted to go! Thankfully, our school had an outing planned. The town itself, especially old town, is so cute.  We spent a … Continue reading Antsy to get to Annecy

New Horizons

I remember Caribbean sunsets as exotic, but there just aren’t any pictures to justify how amazing and glorious the French/ Swiss sky looks every day.   Guess there’s a reason why the guys’ dorm is called ‘Les Horizons’. Kinda jealous over here.  With Geneva, the lake, and French mountains on the other side of the valley, they clearly have the best view!  There are just … Continue reading New Horizons

Price Tags ? Yeah, I Kinda Need Help…

For me, photography has usually been a pleasant experience… It’s certainly one of my favorite pastimes and helps relive stress.  But lately I’ve considered refusing to take on any new projects. Before all of this happened, my favorite rewards for photography were tradeoffs.  Paid trips in exchange of family vacation photos. Headshots for an airplane ride. Snapshots for hand drawn portraits. Theater tickets, baked goods, … Continue reading Price Tags ? Yeah, I Kinda Need Help…

Light Up the Night Sky

Some time age, Markus, Ben and I went out to take pictures of the stars. It didn’t go so well because the moon was ridiculously bright. In fact, many of the images resembled broad daylight. (Sometimes pictures do tell a thousand lies!) The assignment was postponed when the teacher realized they’d forgotten to check their star charts. Turns out astrophotography is best done without a full celestial … Continue reading Light Up the Night Sky

Midnight of the Magic Flashlight

Here goes to DAY2 of shooting midnight pictures at Lake Hennessey. This time it was seven of us on a Friday night after vespers. We didn’t go onto the main dock because a group of fishermen beat us to the spot.  Instead we parked by the side of the rode, went through a gate and walked down a path to the water’s edge. Having been … Continue reading Midnight of the Magic Flashlight

Floating American Dream

This past weekend I was kayaking with my friend Zach when we came upon a peculiar sight. There was a house floating in the middle of the river! What a crazy sight for sure! The house looked abandoned except for the solar panels on the roof top. Zach and I where like “Oh, what a nice location to make a film!” but upon closer investigation, we saw signs that … Continue reading Floating American Dream

Sunset Shore

These are the results of my first ever on location photoshoot with studio lighting.  Chloe and I had this crazy assignment for portrait photography. We needed to shoot on location with a lighting kit. Now this might sound easy but for a first, it was not so much. Especially since the kit was large and pretty heavy. Chloe drove myself and our two models Sarah and … Continue reading Sunset Shore

Sprinkles and Droplets

This weekend I got to go camping in a place called La Concha, Durango. I had Silvia snap the picture above.  The original includes a wider shot of the falls as well as a cotton specked blue sky. I cropped it in search of a more artistic look.  I’ve been told that it looks more like snowy pines than a waterfall!  This picture is ‘color selected’ although the original color … Continue reading Sprinkles and Droplets

All of the Lights

This week I had the chance of photographing Sarah.  We spreed it out on two different day with four different outfits. Here is a picture of my assistant/apprentice Amanda.  I asked her to bring her own equipment so that  could take her own pictures as well. I got to say that Amanda is super creative! She helped out a lot with the artistic aspect of this photoshoot. On the first day, we … Continue reading All of the Lights

Butterflies and Blue Blooms

Il ya quelques semaines, mes amis et je suis arrivé à escalader des cascades sur la propriété de notre école. Nous avons eu un moment de plaisir  éclaboussures dans l’eau et en essayant de ne pas trébucher sur des pierres. Quoi qu’il en soit, voici deux photos que j’ai prises après que nous avons fait une randonnée sur l’chutes 🙂 . A few weeks ago, … Continue reading Butterflies and Blue Blooms

Runaway Gypsy Child

For the longest time I’ve had a this suspicious looking suitcase in my dorm. I actually used it to make a short for my film class. But after the project was over, I forgot about the suitcase. You can image my horror when I opened it and found  a large bloody looking knife inside! So anyway, I was supposed to return the suitcase to the … Continue reading Runaway Gypsy Child

Water Flips and Linda Falls

This past weekend I had the chance to shoot with one of my friends:Kara. (Inspired by my personal dream of swimming at the Devil’s Pool in Victoria Falls, Africa.) We hiked up to the waterfalls and went into the water right away. For such a hot day, it felt really good! We shot in three different locations and had two dress changes.  I am happy … Continue reading Water Flips and Linda Falls

When the Peach Blossom Blooms

Picture taken March 2005 (I’m noticing my improvement in photographic skills) When I was little, I used to live out in the countryside where once a year, the orchards would turn pink with flowers. I live in the city now, so I get really excited when I see a blooming peach or apricot. Tomorrow, I’ll be driving through the area where I once lived. There … Continue reading When the Peach Blossom Blooms

My First Picture EVER!

This is the first picture that I ever took on a film camera.  It’s of Lover’s Bridge  connecting the beautiful Island of  Old Providence to the smaller island of Santa Catalina. It was 1998 and I was 5.  Many summers, springs and winters have gone by since and I miss hanging from hammocks and swimming in the tropical ocean water.  Can’t wait till the day … Continue reading My First Picture EVER!