Dear Loved Ones,

( a letter written to family and friends back in February) As some of you may know, my father has been experiencing stiffness in his right leg. The symptoms were similar to something he had around twenty years ago. After falling twice, first while walking the dog, second inside our home, he was confined to … Continue reading Dear Loved Ones,

Abstract Love

Pictures of couples are a tricky thing. Those in them are usually in such a hurry to share with social media that little thought goes towards potential consequences. Think about that awkward Myspace phase in which teenagers kept posting closeup pictures of themselves french kissing. That was embarrassing right? Well so is the moment a Facebook user is caught … Continue reading Abstract Love

Faces of Omar

Met up with Omar at a local coffee shop downtown. It was nerve-racking because this was my first time meeting up with a stranger at a public venue. We’d been initially introduced via phone by a mutual friend, so it wasn’t completely random… but still a first. Our friend wanted us to met up because Omar needed head … Continue reading Faces of Omar

Set Fire to the Brain

Their comments flow freely through the feeds of many photographers. These being thoughts and critiques from those who believe that photography’s brilliance is limited to it’s original exposure; straight  from the camera if you will. They say that an image is otherwise ruined when it no longer represents the truth of the situation in which the photograph was taken. Essentially that the … Continue reading Set Fire to the Brain

Dress Up

She needed to get her portraits done and when her mom gave me the liberty to choose a theme, my little cousin and I went to the drawing board. Being a tomboy, she automatically went for the gun and camo theme. Although at least an evening was spent deciding on the type of combat boots and belt – … Continue reading Dress Up

Memories of Last Year’s San Diego Fashion Week

Hours were spent at the mall trying to find the perfect outfits… and finally it was paying off. Karen and I were headed to FWSD! Anticipation was building; this was my first non-REVO runway event. Once there, Karen and I met up with fashionista Heidi and photographer Samantha Lyn. S.Lyn and I compared lenses and cameras. Even though we … Continue reading Memories of Last Year’s San Diego Fashion Week


As Written in 2014, While I Lived in France: Our visit to Château De Chillon along Lac Léman proved to be quite amusing. Guess we’ve been visiting a lot of castles lately.  It’s the same routine every time. Everyone goes in at once. We are handed these little audio tour guides and spend a couple of hours crossing … Continue reading Confessional

Trading Game

Photoshoots aren’t always in exchange for green dollar bills. Sometimes the trade is model’s time for prints.  Other times, my photo buddies trade photoshoots. It’s a ‘you shoot me, I shoot you’ sort of a deal. We both get our pictures taken, everyone is content. Social media gets spammed. Then there are occasions where it’s far more … Continue reading Trading Game

Oh to Be a Rebel

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say you cannot do.” – Walter BagehotIt started with a Facebook post… Someone commented that unless I was interested in exploring the sewage system, such an adventure could not go down in my area. Oh yeah? My little cousin  messaged me about a tunnel she’d found near her home. Challenge … Continue reading Oh to Be a Rebel

Wind Storm

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. – Dolly Parton This is one of the pictures taken during that top secret scouting trip a couple months ago. I’ve since been teased endlessly for wearing a wedding dress… for questionable purposes. It’s not like I’m in such desperate need of a marriage … Continue reading Wind Storm

These Three

August means I get to hang out with these three bundles of joy for a couple hours. It’s been about five years since I took the first picture of my little cousins  together.  Comparing the two shots side by side, one can see an improvement in both composition and editing. Photography Tips:  Remove as many distractions  from the … Continue reading These Three

Cat and Mouse

At first there was just a couple droplets on the windshield but by the time we’d arrived, the sky was crying at a steady pace. Serena and I got out of the car. It was either now or in some uncertain future moment. We chose to go ahead with the plan. It’d been forever since we’d … Continue reading Cat and Mouse


“Hello? Can anyone hear me?” There was no reply, not even in cheerful melodies usually sung by birds. I dropped the sound kit on the forest floor and ran further along the dirt path. “Hello, Hello!?” Again, nothing except the eerie buzz of silence. I turned back, but every direction seemed a mirror image of it’s self. … Continue reading #‎jayaramsmiles‬

Cowgirl Up

Let’s rewind about a year to the first photoshoot I worked on after moving back from France. During the first couple weeks of summer, a photographer specializing in cosplay asked if she could shadow me. Of course, that was fine, but since our subject matter differed, I wondered how that would work out. Within a couple days, we started … Continue reading Cowgirl Up

Joie de Vivre

Sometimes, the best moments are unplanned. There is no room for being let down and no time to think up better circumstances.  Instead it’s a magical experience that can never be recreated to uttermost perfection. To some, it’s a lifestyle. To others, it becomes an addiction in which they crave the feeling of bliss. Adventure. … Continue reading Joie de Vivre

Primera Pasarela :D

The last time I attended a REVO Fashion show, it was from behind a bush and with a telephoto lens. This time, Veronica asked if I wanted to be in it. Of course, such opportunity could not be missed. Dress fittings, alterations, song choosing practices…preparation was much like that of a wedding. Even in the … Continue reading Primera Pasarela 😀

South of the Border

There was something exciting about seeing the rays of sun touching on the hillside of a country not my own. It had been a while since I’d crossed an international border on foot. In Europe, it was as easy as an afternoon stroll, but in the states, it’s gotten more complicated than that. Despite the … Continue reading South of the Border

Maybe Viking?

It was the result of bad planing: the camera was forgotten at school, the model wasn’t contacted on time and I wanted to take a nap and forget about the time that a certain snowboarding trip had ended in tears. Nevertheless, Hannah agreed to be in the pictures. Since we had yet to see her in … Continue reading Maybe Viking?


For a long time, I knelt on the floor of the cage recounting the sandbags with the professor. The numbers were always different but there never seemed to be enough of them. We walked around the set, but again, there was nothing. The scenario in which a crew member had walked out with the sandbag … Continue reading Glamping

Growing Up

It started because of a misunderstanding.  Someone suggested that we do a photoshoot Downtown Los Angeles, near Skid Row. These’s a catch; it had to be around midnight and we could bring tents and ‘camp on the street’. “Hey girls, just wanted your opinions in regards to something that came up…”  I asked of those … Continue reading Growing Up

After the Rain

Once, when I was young enough to hold my mom’s hand, we stopped to talk to a man on the street. They reminisced on old times and laughed about childhood shenanigans. Sometime into the conversation, my mom checked her wrist for the time. Her watch wasn’t there. “Sorry to ask, but do you have the … Continue reading After the Rain


My roommate and I walked into Starbucks on a quiet evening. As we walked up to order, one of the guys studying waved hello. He’d bulled the heck out of me during a previous class and I’d chosen to remain aggravated. Nevertheless, a polite nod was returned in acknowledgement. We ordered, sat down and I started … Continue reading UP


And then the tables were turned. My assistant asked me to be her model for a project. Cool. I showed up to the studio with my favorite stuffed animal, cat ears and cork screw curls. Photoshoot went well. We rejoiced at the natural light which streamed through the ceiling and added a soft touch to the … Continue reading im·promp·tu

Homeland Revolution

Victoria and I discussed various media projects at the beginning of summer. Goal: rise awareness about human trafficking and advertise for the Homeland Revolution at the University of Redlands. As we talked about the cause – one of the things that kept coming up was the realization that anyone could be a victim but no one may ever know. … Continue reading Homeland Revolution

Take Me to Africa

Like I’ve previously said, I’ve always wanted to travel to Africa. But sometimes, when one can’t go to Africa, it’s ok to bring Africa to wherever you are. Meet Leila, my lovely and very wise roommate. Also the first person to gladly teach me how to tie head scarves the right way. When I told … Continue reading Take Me to Africa

Durango Falls

Camping is fun. Experiencing different cultures is fun.  So, when I was invited to go camping at La Concha Durango, how could I say no? We got there by bus. Everyone unloaded their belongings and got ready to set up camp. But not everyone had come well prepared. There were only two tents to accommodate … Continue reading Durango Falls

Kind of a Triptych

Just a couple pictures  from a project sophomore year.  I was asked to take three images, one per quarter – each representing an ideal quality of our campus. Originally, I was very excited about working on it. The first caption, ‘A place to Serve’, was actually the last image I was able to obtain. It had … Continue reading Kind of a Triptych

Gypsy Me

We’ve been trying to execute our circus photoshoot series for three whole months.  Every time we schedule; it rains, it snows, and it pours! Finally, we decided that rain or shine the first of these circus photoshoots would be done before the end of March. Of course, the morning of the 30th, I woke up with a groan. … Continue reading Gypsy Me

Light bulb ON.

Back home, I used to take self portraits whenever my roomie was out for the weekend. She’d come back and there’d be all sorts of weird pictures on Facebook. Here, I don’t really wait for my roomate to leave. She has made it a thing to take a daily picture documenting her outfits… so we’ve gotten pretty … Continue reading Light bulb ON.

Ice and Sky

We climbed up high hopping to catch a glimpse of the setting sun. The days had been getting warmer, thus we were truly surprised to find a blanket of snow.  Even more amusing was the team of paragliders standing next to the edge. The sun pierced through their gliders. The colors spread throughout the sky. … Continue reading Ice and Sky

Heaven… as Seen from the Entrance of the Olympic Museum.

We got the chance to visit the Olympic Museum Lausanne, Switzerland. It was actually a pretty amazing experience to get to see everything from memorabilia to actual costumes worn by the athletes. Strangely enough, my favorite time was spent outside the museum. The scenery was just amazing. Absolutely jaw dropping. Clouds hovering over the water… … Continue reading Heaven… as Seen from the Entrance of the Olympic Museum.

Linea Caffe

Woke up early on a Sunday morning  and headed down to San Francisco. Mission: To help film  Linea Caffe‘s Kickstarter. On the way to San Fran, I talked to my professor about my interest in becoming a set photographer.  Tag gave me lots of advice. He said that the most important thing was to stay … Continue reading Linea Caffe

La Sirenita

Ok, so remember how I said in my ‘About Me’ that my career choice as a kid was ‘mermaid’?  Well my parents made me a mermaid tail for Christmas! I didn’t get to try it out till a couple of weeks ago.  The tail is super heavy underwater, and the fact that I can barely … Continue reading La Sirenita

Beyond the Scenes

Sophomore year, we had a Group Production assignment for a ‘fictional narrative’.    We were to work in pairs, each with our own project, alternating directing and cinematography positions. Zach and I actually stayed through spring break to work on our short films, but he was both director and cinematographer for his own project. Because his … Continue reading Beyond the Scenes

Sunset Shore

These are the results of my first ever on location photoshoot with studio lighting.  Chloe and I had this crazy assignment for portrait photography. We needed to shoot on location with a lighting kit. Now this might sound easy but for a first, it was not so much. Especially since the kit was large and pretty … Continue reading Sunset Shore

Girl Time!

This weekend, I was going to work on a portrait photography assignment – and then I realized that I had to use my film camera, which wasn’t working >.< Well the girls and I were all ready to go, we weren’t gonna let a little film problem stop us from having fun! With two DSLRs we set out the … Continue reading Girl Time!

Ferns and Flowers

Last week I got to take pictures of three beautiful young ladies. Abena, who is visiting from Moscow Russia asked for the favor.  Her sister and her cousin who are both named Adwoa were also there. In Ghana, the country from which the girls are originally from, Adwoa means ‘girl born on Tuesday’. I had a lot of fun editing the pictures the next … Continue reading Ferns and Flowers

Butterfly Girl

Recently I was inspired to create this new profile picture for my photography: Inspiration was from one of Nina Pak’s picture’s featuring a woman with a blue butterfly on her face. Unfortunately, the exact image has been removed from wordpress due to people posting it on their sites and crediting me as the photographer. I … Continue reading Butterfly Girl

Belle Comes to Life at 15

Meet Belle. Well actually her real name is Ingrid although she has been known for dressing up as belle during various important events throughout her life. Recently Ingrid asked me to take her Quinceanera  pictures.  She wanted her pictures to be different from the traditional portraits  hanging from living room walls. That particular photoshoot was one of my stranger ones though. It started at 11pm – … Continue reading Belle Comes to Life at 15

Group Shots XD

These are some group pictures that I’ve edited.  Just randomly found them today and decided I’d post them up 🙂 This one is from Prom my senior year of highschool. This is from a friend’s 18th birthday and promise celebration. This is from another friend’s surprise birthday dinner. Continue reading Group Shots XD

All of the Lights

This week I had the chance of photographing Sarah.  We spreed it out on two different day with four different outfits. Here is a picture of my assistant/apprentice Amanda.  I asked her to bring her own equipment so that  could take her own pictures as well. I got to say that Amanda is super creative! She helped out a lot with the … Continue reading All of the Lights

La Belle Rouge

All quarter I have been freaking out about my Intro to  TV Production excerpt. Well today I saw Rachel and I was like – Hey she is dressed like one of my characters!  And so I asked if she was willing to help me out. Thankfully, she agreed! Not only help me with my excerpt, but she also … Continue reading La Belle Rouge

The Creatures

In high school – we photography students were often sent out of class to capture the perfect image for Mrs. McAllister. Gezelle was my photo buddy – and for the sake of our pictures we did a bunch of crazy things; climbed fences, trees and even took the classroom outside. On this portraiture assignment – … Continue reading The Creatures

Blue Belle

For a long time, I’ve wanted to do a Bohemian styled photo shoot. Immediately I asked Becky, Micheal and Sharla to participate. Every so often, I discussed photo shoot ideas with Micheal. On the day of the shoot, Sharla did Becky’s makeup. She did such an amazing crazy job! We were running out of time … Continue reading Blue Belle

Self portraits

When I was younger, people used to make fun of me a lot. I wasn’t white enough, I wasn’t black enough, my hair was too dark, too long, curly and the list goes on. Other than owning my own digital camera at a young age, that’s probably another reason why I got into photography. I wanted to … Continue reading Self portraits

My pets :)

Here in college, you can only have two kinds of pets; a fish or a horse. Guess it’s understandable, some people are pretty irresponsible when it comes to their animals.  But I really, really miss mine! He is totally out of focus here, but this is my dog Chef. (AKA Poochie Boy or Poochiko) When … Continue reading My pets 🙂

Peacock Chains

I given this peacock necklace (Worn here by my wonderful friend Queenie) for my 19 birthday.  It was handmade by a craftsman from Market Night. Originally, it came with just the pendent but I added feathers and beads to flavor it up. Hummm…. I just wish the feathers were durable enough to survive wherever I … Continue reading Peacock Chains