Shooting Against the Wind

– Back in 2014 – Like the previous post, this also took place during the time I worked with an acrobatic gymnast in a series of editorial circus photoshoots. Same as before, the images shared within this post are not the final portraits created as a result of that project. This time we were working on something a little bit different. The idea was to have … Continue reading Shooting Against the Wind

Case of the Missing Ringmaster – & How to Prep for a Large Scale Photo Shoot

– Back in 2014 – I’d been working closely with an acrobatic gymnast in a series of editorial circus photoshoots. While our results are always fabulously awesome, our heads don’t always flow in the same direction. After three months of struggling with our project, we’d finally arrived at our final shoot. Unfortunately, the day of – it became apparent that we were missing a ringmaster! … Continue reading Case of the Missing Ringmaster – & How to Prep for a Large Scale Photo Shoot

Worst Photoshoot Ever :(

– April 21, 2014 – Guess I’ve gotten too comfortable with my photography skills. Thinking nothing will go wrong is literally a foolish assumption in itself. Guess sometimes that lesson has to be learned the hard way. After three months of planning, here we are working on photoshoot #2 of our circus themed photo series. It was a drastic difference from the success of our … Continue reading Worst Photoshoot Ever 😦


As Written in 2014, While I Lived in France: Our visit to Château De Chillon along Lac Léman proved to be quite amusing. Guess we’ve been visiting a lot of castles lately.  It’s the same routine every time. Everyone goes in at once. We are handed these little audio tour guides and spend a couple of hours crossing off the numbers on the brochure.  Not gonna lie – … Continue reading Confessional


“Hello? Can anyone hear me?” There was no reply, not even in cheerful melodies usually sung by birds. I dropped the sound kit on the forest floor and ran further along the dirt path. “Hello, Hello!?” Again, nothing except the eerie buzz of silence. I turned back, but every direction seemed a mirror image of it’s self. The only comfort came in the form of sunbeams piercing … Continue reading #‎jayaramsmiles‬

Primera Pasarela :D

The last time I attended a REVO Fashion show, it was from behind a bush and with a telephoto lens. This time, Veronica asked if I wanted to be in it. Of course, such opportunity could not be missed. Dress fittings, alterations, song choosing practices…preparation was much like that of a wedding. Even in the hours before the event, the girls lounged in sweatpants and … Continue reading Primera Pasarela 😀

South of the Border

There was something exciting about seeing the rays of sun touching on the hillside of a country not my own. It had been a while since I’d crossed an international border on foot. In Europe, it was as easy as an afternoon stroll, but in the states, it’s gotten more complicated than that. Despite the research and fading memories, getting to Tijuana required guidance from … Continue reading South of the Border

And One Day We Can Laugh About Those Epic Fails

As a photographer, I’ve learned that things don’t always flow smoothly as planned. 1. Monster in the BushesOne time, while doing light art at the lake, my light artist messed up an outline. I laughed so hard at the result that I almost peed! That wasn’t as serious but on a different night while working on astrophotography – I really had to go! 2am in … Continue reading And One Day We Can Laugh About Those Epic Fails

Goodbye – One Last Time

We were up by 2:45am. Yeah, I know it’s crazy, but that’s the only way we’d be out by 3. Of course, the night sky was a cause for constantly running into things. Oh the stars, so many stars, oh so overwhelmingly marvelous! We tried to set up the tripod at the base of the mountain but were soon chased away by a pack of unchained dogs. … Continue reading Goodbye – One Last Time

How to Scare Off a Cowboy (or Any Guy)

Scaring off cowboys is a backbreaking activity because it requires an enormous amount of time, dedication and insanity to complete the desired effect. Cowgirls or not, many are willing to sacrifice their reputation in order to win the affections of a dashing gentleman. Little do they know what a challenge it is to catch a cowboy’s wink. It is much more entertaining to scare him … Continue reading How to Scare Off a Cowboy (or Any Guy)

Drama Behind the Scenes

“This is probably the best still I have ever taken as a set photographer” read a post from last year which never quite got published… and so I’m just going to emancipate it from the drafts box: The image was taken during a cinematography class project. We were supposed use a K3 film camera but nobody imagined that using it would be such a hassle!  At first, we couldn’t even … Continue reading Drama Behind the Scenes

That One Time Switzerland Invaded France

One hour of determined hiking can get one to the top. The view is absolutely amazing. Makes you realize how small you are and how big the world is in comparison. It’s fun going with friends, but sometimes going alone is the best option. You can loose yourself from pretty much anything. All the troubles and stress … pretty much just let everything drain out. That’s … Continue reading That One Time Switzerland Invaded France

Night Under the Mountain

There is a group at our school that is often going camping or planning such outdoor activities. Wish I’d been better friends with them, because honestly those are the types of things that I miss from my childhood. The things I hope to continue doing in the future. I did get to hang out with them a couple weeks ago when they decided to camp out … Continue reading Night Under the Mountain

Take Me to Africa

Like I’ve previously said, I’ve always wanted to travel to Africa. But sometimes, when one can’t go to Africa, it’s ok to bring Africa to wherever you are. Meet Leila, my lovely and very wise roommate. Also the first person to gladly teach me how to tie head scarves the right way. When I told her about my 9 countries, 9 photo shoots, 9 months project … Continue reading Take Me to Africa

Ice and Sky

We climbed up high hopping to catch a glimpse of the setting sun. The days had been getting warmer, thus we were truly surprised to find a blanket of snow.  Even more amusing was the team of paragliders standing next to the edge. The sun pierced through their gliders. The colors spread throughout the sky. It was so beautiful.  Hopefully these extreme sports fans weren’t … Continue reading Ice and Sky

Gold, Mummies and King Tut

There’s always been something about ancient Egypt. It’s the curiosity searching for truths among mysterious figures; those who ruled and lived during a period where legends and masterpieces were created and destroyed to the Egyptian nobility’s desires. As a child, I read books and listened to documentaries on the topic. These ranged from more obscure characters such as Arsinoe IV of Egypt to the famous King … Continue reading Gold, Mummies and King Tut

Fire Sparkles and Blue Flashlights

Got a text from Arve during an after vespers tea party. Were we up for some night photography? With sparklers? How could we say no? Headed to a nearby field. The fun was just about to start. The most important part of night photography is making sure enough light is coming in through the lens.  We made sure our cameras were set to the correct settings before … Continue reading Fire Sparkles and Blue Flashlights

Antsy to get to Annecy

After dinner one night, an older man stopped for a chat. He recommended that my friends and I visit the French town of Annecy and  Pont de la Caille. Having just arrived in France, I was scared to venture out. But I really wanted to go! Thankfully, our school had an outing planned. The town itself, especially old town, is so cute.  We spent a … Continue reading Antsy to get to Annecy

Can’t belive it… I actually moved to France!

This is my room window in Collonges-sous-Saleve. Can’t belive it… I actually moved to France! Ok, so the whole trip was actually less stressful than going to Mexico. No joke. The couple sitting next to me on the way to London were really nice, and figuratively adopted me for the length of the trip. They appeared to have a lot of friends in the film … Continue reading Can’t belive it… I actually moved to France!

Unexpected Turn of Events

As you get distracted here, by these lovely images of my friend Pumulo, I’d like to share with you about the strange events that occurred that day. We had decided on doing the photoshoot at an abandoned train station. It’s quite the popular shooting location around here.  As soon as I arrived, Pumulo pointed out that we would not be the only ones visiting on … Continue reading Unexpected Turn of Events

And He Danced Once Upon a Napa Stage

“…And we danced, and we cried And we laughed and had a really really really good time Take my hand, let’s have a blast And remember this moment for the rest of our lives!!!” – MACKLEMORE Except for the crying part – well that pretty much summarizes the experience of attending Macklemore’s Bottle Rock concert. It was amazing! I tried to reach over the crowd to capture a … Continue reading And He Danced Once Upon a Napa Stage

Beyond the Scenes

Sophomore year, we had a Group Production assignment for a ‘fictional narrative’.    We were to work in pairs, each with our own project, alternating directing and cinematography positions. Zach and I actually stayed through spring break to work on our short films, but he was both director and cinematographer for his own project. Because his story was post-apocalyptic, we actually considered filming in a ghost … Continue reading Beyond the Scenes

Behind the Scenes of Harrison & Gregor

For our Intro to TV Production Class, thought by Tag & Rodney, we were asked to make a short segment for a children’s show. Our group was determined to make something better than the other team, so we set to work. We decided to use a green screen for our project because our lab hours where late at night and it would be too dark to film outside. Hannah did make up for our actors. … Continue reading Behind the Scenes of Harrison & Gregor

Mud Caving & High Key Lighting

The way I was able to get these shots has to do with mud caving,Meeting new friends & hanging out Rides in the back of Ben’s truck and discovering extraordinary modeling talent So we scheduled a photoshoot. I took pictures of Manny. Chloe took pictures of Larissa. This was actually the biggest studio project I have ever worked on. It lasted from 8pm till almost 1am. We had … Continue reading Mud Caving & High Key Lighting

Making Dreams in Film and Digital

I recruited my roommate Cheyenne to help me out with a film/digital project. In between studying, I did her hair and makeup. The carnival inspired eyeliner and hair bow made her look like a little kid. Had her dress in a pretty blue dress, got some baloons and we were ready to go! The point of the photoshoot was to capture angel lighting on film, but I decided to take advantage of … Continue reading Making Dreams in Film and Digital

Ferns and Flowers

Last week I got to take pictures of three beautiful young ladies. Abena, who is visiting from Moscow Russia asked for the favor.  Her sister and her cousin who are both named Adwoa were also there. In Ghana, the country from which the girls are originally from, Adwoa means ‘girl born on Tuesday’. I had a lot of fun editing the pictures the next day, especially this one with the cute jaguar kitten. The picture that took … Continue reading Ferns and Flowers

All of the Lights

This week I had the chance of photographing Sarah.  We spreed it out on two different day with four different outfits. Here is a picture of my assistant/apprentice Amanda.  I asked her to bring her own equipment so that  could take her own pictures as well. I got to say that Amanda is super creative! She helped out a lot with the artistic aspect of this photoshoot. On the first day, we … Continue reading All of the Lights

A Birthday Break for the College Student’s Soul

We went out to eat for Patrick’s Birthday. Afterwords we went a candy shop in Santa Rosa.  Then sat around outside, devouring our newly bought goodies. These are my attempts to capture the moment: My friends where aware that I was photographing them; they kept making silly faces … these are actually some of the lesser silly ones. This is a night picture from the location we were at:  It … Continue reading A Birthday Break for the College Student’s Soul

Flowers in Your Hair!

A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of helping out with Peter Han’s  Senior thesis film. I mostly helped out with the set and took stills.  We were all out in the woods behind our college. It was crew, parents and like 20 little ones. During one of the breaks, the little girls got creative with the wildflowers around them. They put them in … Continue reading Flowers in Your Hair!

Runaway Gypsy Child

For the longest time I’ve had a this suspicious looking suitcase in my dorm. I actually used it to make a short for my film class. But after the project was over, I forgot about the suitcase. You can image my horror when I opened it and found  a large bloody looking knife inside! So anyway, I was supposed to return the suitcase to the … Continue reading Runaway Gypsy Child

Instead of ‘Happy Birthday’ we say “To the Fountain!”

On that special time of year… when the candles are blown and wishes are made… the student’s of PUC have made it a tradition to gather around for an anticipated event. This is Queenie, and today is her 19th birthday. She has just returned from a surprise birthday dinner… but there is one surprise left. She gets  thrown in the fountain!!! Yes, it is a … Continue reading Instead of ‘Happy Birthday’ we say “To the Fountain!”

Of Cows and Silver Spurs

In a place where pancakes are served for diner, the local Priest and City Mayor throw midnight parties, when people dance till 4 am, while fireworks light the sky… Don Ignacio prepares himself for the day ahead. Don Ignacio isn’t just a cowboy –  he is a Charro, owning his own horses, cows and hundreds of acres of ranch land. Meanwhile, on a hill top … Continue reading Of Cows and Silver Spurs