A Letter to My 27 Year Old Self

Hey Jacquie! Happy Birthday girl! Are you alive? Yes? Good! So, how are you doing? Hopefully everything is alright.  Do you remember the point of this? If not, let me remind you… this is your chance to get refocused in life! At the time that this letter was written you were going through somethings… shall we list them out? Your parents sacrificed more than they had so … Continue reading A Letter to My 27 Year Old Self

A Year or Two After Europe

Exactly two years ago, I was gazing at the Belgian countryside from atop a double decker bus. Right now, I’m probably riding public trans to work, absorbed into the LCD screen resting on the palm of my hand. While the initial shock of returning to the US has worn off, there’s still a part of me that longs for the continent across the pond. No more French? Up … Continue reading A Year or Two After Europe