Jupiter and Venus Hiding Behind a Tree

My friends had gone out for sushi but I’d chosen to pace back and forth on my parents driveway. Amanda, one of my roommates from college, was explaining her dilemma in regards to art school. I could only relate and acknowledge her struggle in frustration.  Sometime later, my mom told me to look up at the sky. I was feeling ‘eh’ but she insisted and … Continue reading Jupiter and Venus Hiding Behind a Tree

Glitter and Rope

I’ve started following Instagram accounts with outdoor photographers. The way they capture foggy mountain cross backs makes them seem to be living a dream. Nostalgia for the alps and especially the little French mountain with the Swiss flag is especially strong at this moment. Unlike the previous weeks, this time there were no strolls on LA rooftops, no scouting for hippie garbage cans in Riverside … Continue reading Glitter and Rope

And One Day We Can Laugh About Those Epic Fails

As a photographer, I’ve learned that things don’t always flow smoothly as planned. 1. Monster in the BushesOne time, while doing light art at the lake, my light artist messed up an outline. I laughed so hard at the result that I almost peed! That wasn’t as serious but on a different night while working on astrophotography – I really had to go! 2am in … Continue reading And One Day We Can Laugh About Those Epic Fails

Goodbye – One Last Time

We were up by 2:45am. Yeah, I know it’s crazy, but that’s the only way we’d be out by 3. Of course, the night sky was a cause for constantly running into things. Oh the stars, so many stars, oh so overwhelmingly marvelous! We tried to set up the tripod at the base of the mountain but were soon chased away by a pack of unchained dogs. … Continue reading Goodbye – One Last Time

Night Under the Mountain

There is a group at our school that is often going camping or planning such outdoor activities. Wish I’d been better friends with them, because honestly those are the types of things that I miss from my childhood. The things I hope to continue doing in the future. I did get to hang out with them a couple weeks ago when they decided to camp out … Continue reading Night Under the Mountain

Unplanned Exploration in the Leaf Tunnel!

This image was totally spontaneous and unplanned. Thats why I love it so much.This was actually taken on Easter Sunday. Not sure what country we were in at the time, although I have reason to believe it was Switzerland. We were walking along the side of the road when we came across this. It was just so beautiful. Walked right in, took a picture and … Continue reading Unplanned Exploration in the Leaf Tunnel!

Durango Falls

Camping is fun. Experiencing different cultures is fun.  So, when I was invited to go camping at La Concha Durango, how could I say no? We got there by bus. Everyone unloaded their belongings and got ready to set up camp. But not everyone had come well prepared. There were only two tents to accommodate the group of 30 something. Several families decided to rent … Continue reading Durango Falls

New Horizons

I remember Caribbean sunsets as exotic, but there just aren’t any pictures to justify how amazing and glorious the French/ Swiss sky looks every day.   Guess there’s a reason why the guys’ dorm is called ‘Les Horizons’. Kinda jealous over here.  With Geneva, the lake, and French mountains on the other side of the valley, they clearly have the best view!  There are just … Continue reading New Horizons

Literally Posted on My Wall

Soon after arriving at my new room, I walked down the hall to my friend Grace’s room. She had decorated one of her walls with pictures from last year. I gasped in surprise as I noticed a particular image of myself,  guy friends  on either side, all eyes crossed, spoons hanging from our noses. Hadn’t seen that one before! Grace reminded me that the day … Continue reading Literally Posted on My Wall

Can’t belive it… I actually moved to France!

This is my room window in Collonges-sous-Saleve. Can’t belive it… I actually moved to France! Ok, so the whole trip was actually less stressful than going to Mexico. No joke. The couple sitting next to me on the way to London were really nice, and figuratively adopted me for the length of the trip. They appeared to have a lot of friends in the film … Continue reading Can’t belive it… I actually moved to France!

Light Up the Night Sky

Some time age, Markus, Ben and I went out to take pictures of the stars. It didn’t go so well because the moon was ridiculously bright. In fact, many of the images resembled broad daylight. (Sometimes pictures do tell a thousand lies!) The assignment was postponed when the teacher realized they’d forgotten to check their star charts. Turns out astrophotography is best done without a full celestial … Continue reading Light Up the Night Sky

Barefoot Through the Woods

On the way back to school, I got the opportunity to take a break from the eight hour drive and do a photo shoot. Originality, Mrs. Bond and I had agreed to do the photoshoot at a local park, but secretly we both liked the idea of shooting in a walnut orchid.  Thankfully, that’s what we ended up doing! 😀 We walked down the street, past the young walnuts and into the … Continue reading Barefoot Through the Woods

Midnight of the Magic Flashlight

Here goes to DAY2 of shooting midnight pictures at Lake Hennessey. This time it was seven of us on a Friday night after vespers. We didn’t go onto the main dock because a group of fishermen beat us to the spot.  Instead we parked by the side of the rode, went through a gate and walked down a path to the water’s edge. Having been … Continue reading Midnight of the Magic Flashlight

Floating American Dream

This past weekend I was kayaking with my friend Zach when we came upon a peculiar sight. There was a house floating in the middle of the river! What a crazy sight for sure! The house looked abandoned except for the solar panels on the roof top. Zach and I where like “Oh, what a nice location to make a film!” but upon closer investigation, we saw signs that … Continue reading Floating American Dream

Sunset Shore

These are the results of my first ever on location photoshoot with studio lighting.  Chloe and I had this crazy assignment for portrait photography. We needed to shoot on location with a lighting kit. Now this might sound easy but for a first, it was not so much. Especially since the kit was large and pretty heavy. Chloe drove myself and our two models Sarah and … Continue reading Sunset Shore

Making Dreams in Film and Digital

I recruited my roommate Cheyenne to help me out with a film/digital project. In between studying, I did her hair and makeup. The carnival inspired eyeliner and hair bow made her look like a little kid. Had her dress in a pretty blue dress, got some baloons and we were ready to go! The point of the photoshoot was to capture angel lighting on film, but I decided to take advantage of … Continue reading Making Dreams in Film and Digital

Ferns and Flowers

Last week I got to take pictures of three beautiful young ladies. Abena, who is visiting from Moscow Russia asked for the favor.  Her sister and her cousin who are both named Adwoa were also there. In Ghana, the country from which the girls are originally from, Adwoa means ‘girl born on Tuesday’. I had a lot of fun editing the pictures the next day, especially this one with the cute jaguar kitten. The picture that took … Continue reading Ferns and Flowers

Butterfly Girl

Recently I was inspired to create this new profile picture for my photography: Inspiration was from one of Nina Pak’s picture’s featuring a woman with a blue butterfly on her face. Unfortunately, the exact image has been removed from wordpress due to people posting it on their sites and crediting me as the photographer. I feel like my own picture needs to be cropped and … Continue reading Butterfly Girl

Sprinkles and Droplets

This weekend I got to go camping in a place called La Concha, Durango. I had Silvia snap the picture above.  The original includes a wider shot of the falls as well as a cotton specked blue sky. I cropped it in search of a more artistic look.  I’ve been told that it looks more like snowy pines than a waterfall!  This picture is ‘color selected’ although the original color … Continue reading Sprinkles and Droplets

An Afternoon With Koda

I redited some pictures that I had taken for my Digital Photography Class during winter quarter.  My first WordPress post actually has two of these images as I had turned them in to the teacher. During the photoshoot, I got to work with Erica and her horse Koda.  It was the first time Erica had ever ridden bareback. We had a lot of fun, but almost had … Continue reading An Afternoon With Koda

Butterflies and Blue Blooms

Il ya quelques semaines, mes amis et je suis arrivé à escalader des cascades sur la propriété de notre école. Nous avons eu un moment de plaisir  éclaboussures dans l’eau et en essayant de ne pas trébucher sur des pierres. Quoi qu’il en soit, voici deux photos que j’ai prises après que nous avons fait une randonnée sur l’chutes 🙂 . A few weeks ago, … Continue reading Butterflies and Blue Blooms

Flowers in Your Hair!

A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of helping out with Peter Han’s  Senior thesis film. I mostly helped out with the set and took stills.  We were all out in the woods behind our college. It was crew, parents and like 20 little ones. During one of the breaks, the little girls got creative with the wildflowers around them. They put them in … Continue reading Flowers in Your Hair!

Runaway Gypsy Child

For the longest time I’ve had a this suspicious looking suitcase in my dorm. I actually used it to make a short for my film class. But after the project was over, I forgot about the suitcase. You can image my horror when I opened it and found  a large bloody looking knife inside! So anyway, I was supposed to return the suitcase to the … Continue reading Runaway Gypsy Child

Water Flips and Linda Falls

This past weekend I had the chance to shoot with one of my friends:Kara. (Inspired by my personal dream of swimming at the Devil’s Pool in Victoria Falls, Africa.) We hiked up to the waterfalls and went into the water right away. For such a hot day, it felt really good! We shot in three different locations and had two dress changes.  I am happy … Continue reading Water Flips and Linda Falls

When the Peach Blossom Blooms

Picture taken March 2005 (I’m noticing my improvement in photographic skills) When I was little, I used to live out in the countryside where once a year, the orchards would turn pink with flowers. I live in the city now, so I get really excited when I see a blooming peach or apricot. Tomorrow, I’ll be driving through the area where I once lived. There … Continue reading When the Peach Blossom Blooms

My First Picture EVER!

This is the first picture that I ever took on a film camera.  It’s of Lover’s Bridge  connecting the beautiful Island of  Old Providence to the smaller island of Santa Catalina. It was 1998 and I was 5.  Many summers, springs and winters have gone by since and I miss hanging from hammocks and swimming in the tropical ocean water.  Can’t wait till the day … Continue reading My First Picture EVER!