Dear Plants, Please Don’t Die

Gardeners have green thumbs. It’s fun to pretend one can grow a garden, but unfortunately my thumb has remained a shameful brown since the beginning of time. I usually wait a while before taking my plant’s portraits but have increasingly found myself photographing a murder. That’s why yesterday I decided to practice photo editing techniques on newly acquired specimens.

red kiss rex begonia, gynura aurantiaca and fittonia argyroneura

These three iridescent cuties were acquired to redecorate a neglected corner. Their picture is a composite of three images making sure each plant was in focus. From closest to furthest they are: red kiss rex begonia, gynura aurantiaca and fittonia argyroneura.

rubber ficus & fiddle leaf

Next, the rubber ficus & fiddle leaf were set up for their close up. These two were repotted two days ago due to growing concerns over previous containers. But concern for their well being continues! Apparently both hate being moved around and may drop a leaf in protest. None have detached at this point but I don’t want to get my hopes up since it’s the rubber ficus’ first time out of a Wardian Case in over a year.

Although initially hoping for an Imogen Cunningham style, the lack of light made me back away from intricate details. A black and white edit, though not as dark as Cunningham’s work, was chosen because I love how contrast magnifies the subject.

Over the course of the afternoon, I chatted with friends in regards to our abilities (or lack thereof) to maintain for plants. Some of the situations were comical- a gardening club president unable to keep house plants alive. Others were gut wrenching – a mini evergreen tree planted in memory of a child stolen from their graveside, a couple accidentally frying their unity ceremony plant with Christmas lights… Then of course the usual ‘ I can’t keep succulents alive crowed’ which was a large percentage. My florist looked at me in disbelief when I told her about it.

“It’s impossible to kill a succulent,” she said ” I tried and it didn’t work”.

But those who answered my poll on Instagram disagreed. Drainage issues, lighting issues, pests, neglect and one of those freak accidents that insurance commercials love to highlight. In the end, only 32% said they could successfully keep a plant.

Dark sky rumbling, a flash of lightning, rain splashing and planters reflected in a puddle of water. Yup, the last edit was photo manipulation. Felt like it matched my mood, the weather outside and a compilation of thoughts expresses by previous plant owners. Plants are beautiful, enchanting and sometimes at war with their humans.

What are your plant anecdotes?

10 thoughts on “Dear Plants, Please Don’t Die

  1. Your article meets up with an experience that I had yesterday and I can now pass on to you as an anecdote.
    When I mow lawn many flowers land in my hair. That’s why I often wear a headscarf. Many trees have branches, which protrude very far to the ground. When I’m done and descend from the lawnmower, I have to shake myself once. Yesterday was another day like this. The area of ​​our community is big. And I go to my work once again on the lawn and discover something at the wayside. I look down. I bend down and discover a beautiful flower. A blue clematis. I took her to my apartment. I did not want to leave her lying carelessly on the lawn. There she would quickly wither or drive one of the children over it by bicycle. So I poured water into a small glass and carefully put the flower on the water surface. There she can survive longer than outside. And now she beautifies my room.
    And I want to emphasize once explicitly that the flowering has not fallen off by the mowing of the lawn. I do not make walls. Maybe it has fallen off the storms and rain of the last few days.

    greatings from Hendrik
    be blessed

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    1. Thank you for sharing! That was very thoughtful of you to take the blue clematis in and extend her life.

      I’d actually never heard of that kind of flower before, but I looked up the name and all the pictures were stuning.

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  2. Thanks for following, I simply had to read this as I too am a brown thumb. I adore nature and plants but it seems plants don’t adore me. Some will live for years with barely a glance in their direction. Maybe I fuss them too much, maybe not enough, haven’t found the equilibrium yet. Gorgeous photos and good luck keeping them alive 🙂


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