Fall Greetings

While searching for autumn inspiration,  I found a set of water colored plants that were being sold individually as PNG files. The idea was that they could be combined into multiple art pieces through a computer editing software. Though these files were unpurchasely expensive, I thought it might be cool to use a similar technique … Continue reading Fall Greetings

Twenty Six Hour Drawing

The drawing instructor gazed at us with a smile spreading across her lips. “Create an imaginary world,” she said, enticing our imaginations. What was not as enticing, however, was the hundred sixty eight hours and  twenty four inch papers we had to complete the assignment. Given that mermaids would be the easiest subject for me to draw, I … Continue reading Twenty Six Hour Drawing


A couple days ago during a meeting, I looked up and met the smiling gaze of the instructor. “Good, I’m glad to see that you are taking notes.” But I wasn’t taking notes… oh, I am such a horrible person! In 1st ,2nd, all the way till high school, it was considered wrong. A distraction. … Continue reading Forbidden

The Portrayal of Human Beauty Through the Eyes of an Ancient Artist

Throughout the ages, people have concerned themselves with appearances and the illusion of a perfect human form.  Beauty, however, is a fleeting frame of mind. What was once considered attractive is no longer main stream today.  Of course, this seems obvious. Fashion, make-up and hair styles change constantly… but so does the idealistic human form. … Continue reading The Portrayal of Human Beauty Through the Eyes of an Ancient Artist

From 12 to 21

In art class, we were asked to paint something. Anything. Hardly any instruction given at all.  Well, painting portraits with Photoshop seemed to be working out. Why not? My roomate, a fine arts major,  sure makes it look so easy. The way she turns color and paper into seemingly effortless master pieces. It couldn’t be … Continue reading From 12 to 21

Twirl Me

A week or so ago, I helped Kae film a choreography she’d been working on.  Being the first film project in a while, it was a little rough.  Guess that’s actually because  I’d never filmed with a 50mm Prime lens before. The result is not so bad though. Kae actually did an awesome job at editing and … Continue reading Twirl Me

Murals on the Wall

No, I haven’t quite wondered into street art yet – but digital art is something that I’ve been trying my hand at recently. This is the first project I worked on. It was really an eye opener for how difficult digital art really is.Guess it looks ok – but certainly premature with all the leading … Continue reading Murals on the Wall

Butterfly Girl

Recently I was inspired to create this new profile picture for my photography: Inspiration was from one of Nina Pak’s picture’s featuring a woman with a blue butterfly on her face. Unfortunately, the exact image has been removed from wordpress due to people posting it on their sites and crediting me as the photographer. I … Continue reading Butterfly Girl

Group Shots XD

These are some group pictures that I’ve edited.  Just randomly found them today and decided I’d post them up 🙂 This one is from Prom my senior year of highschool. This is from a friend’s 18th birthday and promise celebration. This is from another friend’s surprise birthday dinner. Continue reading Group Shots XD

Daisy Do

Euryops yellow daisies in their natural environment, abstractly out of focus. Euryops yellow daisy in a cup of water. Sharply in focus. Notice the rainbow light outline on the upper right section of the cup. Beautiful reflections on the sides of the cup. Continue reading Daisy Do

The Creatures

In high school – we photography students were often sent out of class to capture the perfect image for Mrs. McAllister. Gezelle was my photo buddy – and for the sake of our pictures we did a bunch of crazy things; climbed fences, trees and even took the classroom outside. On this portraiture assignment – … Continue reading The Creatures