Dear Loved Ones,

( a letter written to family and friends back in February) As some of you may know, my father has been experiencing stiffness in his right leg. The symptoms were similar to something he had around twenty years ago. After falling twice, first while walking the dog, second inside our home, he was confined to … Continue reading Dear Loved Ones,

Abstract Love

Pictures of couples are a tricky thing. Those in them are usually in such a hurry to share with social media that little thought goes towards potential consequences. Think about that awkward Myspace phase in which teenagers kept posting closeup pictures of themselves french kissing. That was embarrassing right? Well so is the moment a Facebook user is caught … Continue reading Abstract Love

Someone is Selling Burgers?

Burgers, music, music videos, Islamic propaganda, galleries, apparel… Just kinda thought provoking, the things one finds on accident. So, basically a couple days ago, it was discovered that several people have used my pictures for various projects. They didn’t asked for permission and they didn’t give credit.  I’m not upset, not surprised but rather deep in thought. … Continue reading Someone is Selling Burgers?

Set Fire to the Brain

Their comments flow freely through the feeds of many photographers. These being thoughts and critiques from those who believe that photography’s brilliance is limited to it’s original exposure; straight  from the camera if you will. They say that an image is otherwise ruined when it no longer represents the truth of the situation in which the photograph was taken. Essentially that the … Continue reading Set Fire to the Brain

Oh to Be a Rebel

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say you cannot do.” – Walter BagehotIt started with a Facebook post… Someone commented that unless I was interested in exploring the sewage system, such an adventure could not go down in my area. Oh yeah? My little cousin  messaged me about a tunnel she’d found near her home. Challenge … Continue reading Oh to Be a Rebel

Twenty Six Hour Drawing

The drawing instructor gazed at us with a smile spreading across her lips. “Create an imaginary world,” she said, enticing our imaginations. What was not as enticing, however, was the hundred sixty eight hours and  twenty four inch papers we had to complete the assignment. Given that mermaids would be the easiest subject for me to draw, I … Continue reading Twenty Six Hour Drawing


“Hello? Can anyone hear me?” There was no reply, not even in cheerful melodies usually sung by birds. I dropped the sound kit on the forest floor and ran further along the dirt path. “Hello, Hello!?” Again, nothing except the eerie buzz of silence. I turned back, but every direction seemed a mirror image of it’s self. … Continue reading #‎jayaramsmiles‬

Joie de Vivre

Sometimes, the best moments are unplanned. There is no room for being let down and no time to think up better circumstances.  Instead it’s a magical experience that can never be recreated to uttermost perfection. To some, it’s a lifestyle. To others, it becomes an addiction in which they crave the feeling of bliss. Adventure. … Continue reading Joie de Vivre

South of the Border

There was something exciting about seeing the rays of sun touching on the hillside of a country not my own. It had been a while since I’d crossed an international border on foot. In Europe, it was as easy as an afternoon stroll, but in the states, it’s gotten more complicated than that. Despite the … Continue reading South of the Border

Glitter and Rope

I’ve started following Instagram accounts with outdoor photographers. The way they capture foggy mountain cross backs makes them seem to be living a dream. Nostalgia for the alps and especially the little French mountain with the Swiss flag is especially strong at this moment. Unlike the previous weeks, this time there were no strolls on … Continue reading Glitter and Rope

In Control

Public undress isn’t something I usually encourage. It’s so uncomfortable to see someone in that predicament. Strangely enough, I may or may not have ended up in my underwear, smack in the middle of a brightly lit sidewalk. Thankfully, the incident didn’t result in nightmares. There have flashbacks though, often triggered by the raging fury … Continue reading In Control

Growing Up

It started because of a misunderstanding.  Someone suggested that we do a photoshoot Downtown Los Angeles, near Skid Row. These’s a catch; it had to be around midnight and we could bring tents and ‘camp on the street’. “Hey girls, just wanted your opinions in regards to something that came up…”  I asked of those … Continue reading Growing Up

Re Evaluating

A couple months ago, under the warmth of the sun shining into my lovely French dorm room, I decided to ‘drop out of school‘. The majority of my reasoning revolved around the ridiculous cost of tuition at my home campus. It was so bad that living in France was half the cost of tuition. Ironically, … Continue reading Re Evaluating


It was the second time in one day. I tried to relax in my chair because the choice was not mine; it could not be fought. At least this time it wasn’t in heavy afternoon traffic. At least we weren’t dodging other vehicles at five feet from impact. The copilot held up a walkie-talkie. “We … Continue reading Reckless


My roommate and I walked into Starbucks on a quiet evening. As we walked up to order, one of the guys studying waved hello. He’d bulled the heck out of me during a previous class and I’d chosen to remain aggravated. Nevertheless, a polite nod was returned in acknowledgement. We ordered, sat down and I started … Continue reading UP

Aliens, Lets be Friends!

For being new, there is a surprisingly large amount of familiar faces. A cousin, several church friends and definitively a ton of students who also transferred from the same college in Napa. Regardless, there is still a feeling of emptiness and loneliness in a new environment. Seeing acquaintances isn’t the same as creating epic memories with mes copins. Orientation … Continue reading Aliens, Lets be Friends!


Once again I’ve collaborated with the amazingly talented Kae Avine. All year, she wanted to create a routine around the waterfall outside our dorm. Right before leaving France, we had the chance to film it. This girl’s choreography is just so perfectly timed. You can watch the version that she edited below: Ugh, there are definitely a lot of … Continue reading Fear

Bei- Where!?

It was past 1am but there I was, kneeling under a street lamp in a pink summer dress. “Are you ok?”, The young woman asked. I nodded and motioned to an upside down jar featuring my praying mantis devouring a cricket. We engaged in conversation, talked about our studies – which are as opposite as … Continue reading Bei- Where!?

Homeland Revolution

Victoria and I discussed various media projects at the beginning of summer. Goal: rise awareness about human trafficking and advertise for the Homeland Revolution at the University of Redlands. As we talked about the cause – one of the things that kept coming up was the realization that anyone could be a victim but no one may ever know. … Continue reading Homeland Revolution


A couple days ago during a meeting, I looked up and met the smiling gaze of the instructor. “Good, I’m glad to see that you are taking notes.” But I wasn’t taking notes… oh, I am such a horrible person! In 1st ,2nd, all the way till high school, it was considered wrong. A distraction. … Continue reading Forbidden

From Afar

There is something enticing about the flickering multicolored lights produced by concentrations of civilization. They are like little galaxies within the planet we call earth. They represent everything that comes with human kind. Life. Happiness. Tragedy. Many prefer to walk within the comfort of concrete sidewalks and street lamps. They see carefree smiles of strangers and feel … Continue reading From Afar

The Portrayal of Human Beauty Through the Eyes of an Ancient Artist

Throughout the ages, people have concerned themselves with appearances and the illusion of a perfect human form.  Beauty, however, is a fleeting frame of mind. What was once considered attractive is no longer main stream today.  Of course, this seems obvious. Fashion, make-up and hair styles change constantly… but so does the idealistic human form. … Continue reading The Portrayal of Human Beauty Through the Eyes of an Ancient Artist

From 12 to 21

In art class, we were asked to paint something. Anything. Hardly any instruction given at all.  Well, painting portraits with Photoshop seemed to be working out. Why not? My roomate, a fine arts major,  sure makes it look so easy. The way she turns color and paper into seemingly effortless master pieces. It couldn’t be … Continue reading From 12 to 21

Durango Falls

Camping is fun. Experiencing different cultures is fun.  So, when I was invited to go camping at La Concha Durango, how could I say no? We got there by bus. Everyone unloaded their belongings and got ready to set up camp. But not everyone had come well prepared. There were only two tents to accommodate … Continue reading Durango Falls

Kind of a Triptych

Just a couple pictures  from a project sophomore year.  I was asked to take three images, one per quarter – each representing an ideal quality of our campus. Originally, I was very excited about working on it. The first caption, ‘A place to Serve’, was actually the last image I was able to obtain. It had … Continue reading Kind of a Triptych

Gypsy Me

We’ve been trying to execute our circus photoshoot series for three whole months.  Every time we schedule; it rains, it snows, and it pours! Finally, we decided that rain or shine the first of these circus photoshoots would be done before the end of March. Of course, the morning of the 30th, I woke up with a groan. … Continue reading Gypsy Me

Light bulb ON.

Back home, I used to take self portraits whenever my roomie was out for the weekend. She’d come back and there’d be all sorts of weird pictures on Facebook. Here, I don’t really wait for my roomate to leave. She has made it a thing to take a daily picture documenting her outfits… so we’ve gotten pretty … Continue reading Light bulb ON.

Ice and Sky

We climbed up high hopping to catch a glimpse of the setting sun. The days had been getting warmer, thus we were truly surprised to find a blanket of snow.  Even more amusing was the team of paragliders standing next to the edge. The sun pierced through their gliders. The colors spread throughout the sky. … Continue reading Ice and Sky

Why I’m Trying to Convince Myself to Drop Out of College…

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I feel threatened by the mainstream definition of life; that whole idea of a success. The thought of a college degree and a job Monday – Friday, 9 to 5. When switching from homeschool to public during high school, my councilor said some very discouraging things. … Continue reading Why I’m Trying to Convince Myself to Drop Out of College…