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Tiger's World (1024x1024)Tigger's Adventures

Tigger is the subject of this international photography project. Dad got him in fourth grade when we were supposed to be shopping for a neighbor’s birthday. Of course, I got to keep him and he has pretty much tagged along on all my adventures. After moving to France a couple years ago, I thought it’d be cool to get pictures at all the places he could get into. Tigger has also traveled with friends, and even got left in Mexico for an entire year.

Taking Pictures of Tigger

Taking Tigger along is  both fun and worrisome. Due to his size and weight, he often sits on top of bags or hangs from my camera sling. Sometimes people even cradle him in their arms like a child.  Due to such, various authorities have played jokes on him. Once, Tigger was ‘denied’ entry into the US due to his ‘lack of a passport’. Another time, he was held a knife point by security in Paris. There was also an incident in which a Mexican solider poked him with his automatic riffle. So far Tigger has survived, though 🙂

Here are some of my favorite shots from the last few years:

2 Château de Chambord (640x427)MUSEE D’OSAY, FRANCE8 (640x427)MOULIN ROUGE, FRANCE
IMG_6146a (640x360)CITÈ DE L’AUTOMOBILE, FRANCEParis Tigger and mea (640x427)MANNEKEN PIS, BELGIUMHandstands and Tigre 006a (640x427)RIJKSMUSEUM, HOLLAND
9 Rijksmuseum (640x427)US/MEXICO BORDER CROSSINGTijuana, Mexico (9) (640x427)TIJUANA, MEXICO
Tijuana, Mexico (640x427)RIO GRANDE, MEXICORio Grande, Mexico (640x426)DEATH VALLEY, USADeath Valley (640x427)

I’d like for Tigger to continue traveling. So far he has only been to 6.02% of the world’s countries (USA, Mexico, England, France, Switzerland, Monaco, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Ghana, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Turkey).  Wouldn’t it be cool if he could get photographed in more?Tiger Facebook (1024x347)Tiger Tumblr (1024x347)

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