Cowgirl Up

Let’s rewind about a year to the first photoshoot I worked on after moving back from France. During the first couple weeks of summer, a photographer specializing in cosplay asked if she could shadow me. Of course, that was fine, but since our subject matter differed, I wondered how that would work out. Within a couple days, we started … Continue reading Cowgirl Up

Maybe Viking?

It was the result of bad planing: the camera was forgotten at school, the model wasn’t contacted on time and I wanted to take a nap and forget about the time that a certain snowboarding trip had ended in tears. Nevertheless, Hannah agreed to be in the pictures. Since we had yet to see her in … Continue reading Maybe Viking?

Take Me to Africa

Like I’ve previously said, I’ve always wanted to travel to Africa. But sometimes, when one can’t go to Africa, it’s ok to bring Africa to wherever you are. Meet Leila, my lovely and very wise roommate. Also the first person to gladly teach me how to tie head scarves the right way. When I told … Continue reading Take Me to Africa

Ferns and Flowers

Last week I got to take pictures of three beautiful young ladies. Abena, who is visiting from Moscow Russia asked for the favor.  Her sister and her cousin who are both named Adwoa were also there. In Ghana, the country from which the girls are originally from, Adwoa means ‘girl born on Tuesday’. I had a lot of fun editing the pictures the next … Continue reading Ferns and Flowers

The Baby Newt

I had never seen a newt or a salamander in real life. But I always wanted to have one, maybe as a pet. So yesterday when my boyfriend and I went for a walk in the woods – it came as a total surprise when we stumbled across a newt. Oh my goodness and it was the cutest … Continue reading The Baby Newt

My pets :)

Here in college, you can only have two kinds of pets; a fish or a horse. Guess it’s understandable, some people are pretty irresponsible when it comes to their animals.  But I really, really miss mine! He is totally out of focus here, but this is my dog Chef. (AKA Poochie Boy or Poochiko) When … Continue reading My pets 🙂