Of Cows and Silver Spurs

In a place where pancakes are served for diner, the local Priest and City Mayor throw midnight parties, when people dance till 4 am, while fireworks light the sky…

Don Ignacio prepares himself for the day ahead. Don Ignacio isn’t just a cowboy –  he is a Charro, owning his own horses, cows and hundreds of acres of ranch land.

Meanwhile, on a hill top outside the city, Don Ignacio’s son, Nacho milks the cows.

There are several members in the family who prefer the rich and creamy fresh milk to the watered down processed stuff.

Nacho delivers fresh milk to his family everyday. Several neighbors have also requested the service.

Don Ignacio waits across the street for his son to arrive.

In addition to his son Nacho, Don Ignacio’s grandson Carlos and 14 year old great grandson PJ also arrive.

The men jump into the tuck and off to the ranch they go.

After a 45 minute drive, they arrive.  Before they can do anything else, they must alter their attire and make sure that it is suitable for the ranch environment. Cowboy hats, wranglers, chaps…you name it, they got to wear it.

These are Nacho’s vintage silver spurs, a gift from his father. Legend has it that they were hand crafted by a silversmith over a hundred years ago.  The large rowels on the spurs are mostly for show. The family prefers the sound of authentic spurs to the flimsy sound of the newer models.

The horses are readied with their saddles, bites  and bridles.

This one is named ‘Starlette’. She is the youngest and newest addition to Don Ignacio’s horses.  Carlos will probably get to keep her.

This one is Palomo. Don Ignacio bought him after his favorite horse passed on. The newer Palomo is not as tall as the original. Nacho usually rides Palomo.

The other cowboys arrive and the game is on. Today the new calves are rounded and branded.

Regardless of their studied profession, the majority of Don Ignacio’s children own cattle. A representative from each family is present to make sure that the process goes by smoothly.

Don Ignacio watches from afar with two of his horses.

He becomes impatient due to the lack of skills displayed by the younger men.

Don Ignacio has been riding since he was a year old but it has been two years since the last time he mounted a horse.

PJ leads his great grandfather’s horse out of the corral.

Tired, the men sit down and rest.

The gate has been left open and the cows give one last look before they  return to fields.

Most of the cows keep their distance but the hand reared ones that grew up in the city aren’t afraid to come close.

Meanwhile, in a neighboring town, a cow carcass hangs from a tree. It is the dreaded fate that eventually catches up to the cattle once they are sold.

Someone must be planning a party… a cow can feed up to 500 guests.


5 thoughts on “Of Cows and Silver Spurs

  1. I really loved this photo set its pretty amazing I really like it. It seems like it tells a story. And you see whats going on here what there day is like with the people and animals within the photos. You also give a lot of details about the photos. Overall its great props to you 🙂


  2. i like this one it caught my attention you an amazing photographer(: btw i think i spelled that wrong haha but good luck and you pictures are just amazming keep up the good work:)


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