Cat and Mouse

Cat (1)IMG_9574 (683x1024)At first there was just a couple droplets on the windshield but by the time we’d arrived, the sky was crying at a steady pace. Serena and I got out of the car. It was either now or in some uncertain future moment. We chose to go ahead with the plan.

It’d been forever since we’d worked on a photoshoot together.

We tried to shelter ourselves from the rain in an old greenhouse, but the lock on the door refused to budge. Well, that’s ok. As it turn out, the plants lingering around the glass structure were greener anyways. Cat

The picture taking process went relatively well. Originally, lighting had been a concern  but thankfully the cloudy sky provided us with even lighting. Of course, due to my 50mm lens, space was limited. At one point, Serena climbed over a fence so we had more room. Taking pictures against the glass was easier there.

Within fifteen minutes, it was time to run. Hopefully, we get to work on another project soon 🙂

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