Jacquie’s Aesthetics

When I took digital photography in college, for one of the lessons, we were required to try our hand out at product photography. It was a fun little adventure, but the resulting pictures didn’t really cut it for selling a product. Recently, I decided to try again by opening an Etsy store. It’s called:

I’ve had so much fun photographing for this little project. Let me introduce you to some of the products:

Air Plant Shell + Stand

Steampunk Bug Jar

Diamond Terrarium Kit, Amethyst + Air Plant

Beach Themed Globe Terrarium kit

1 oz Glass Mist Bottle

I have also used this opportunity to work on my graphic design. Mainly it’s for informationals or little guessing games with my Facebook friends. Below is an example of a graphic I did to celebrate my first international sale. Can you guess where?

What was really funny is that when I posted this one, someone responded in the language of that country. Others began guessing but were totally off! It was funny to see that the first response was the correct one, but no one else had noticed, lol.

I also did an announcement for Instagram. Not too bad, right?

Overall, I think this endeavor is going to help me develop better photography and graphic design skills.

Wish me luck! Also, let me know if there is anything I can do to take better product photography pictures or create better graphics.

4 thoughts on “Jacquie’s Aesthetics

  1. Nice photos! I just recently discovered Product Photography and since I’m selling plants too online (IG: @theartandsoil), I think I need to learn this stuff too. It’s really something when you can post your product with a touch of creativity. It helps the sell!

    More tips please! ♥


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