Memories of Last Year’s San Diego Fashion Week

Hours were spent at the mall trying to find the perfect outfits… and finally it was paying off. Karen and I were headed to FWSD! Anticipation was building; this was my first non-REVO runway event.

Once there, Karen and I met up with fashionista Heidi and photographer Samantha Lyn. S.Lyn and I compared lenses and cameras. Even though we carried different brands, they were comparable in format. This was a relief to us both since the other photographers at the event seemed to prefer telephotos and heftier models.

(From left to right: Samantha, Karen, Me and Heidi)

SDFW Group PicsWe walked through the booths before the show. The variety presented at the event was a bit surprising for my inexperienced self. Of course, I was looking forward to meeting designers, maybe even getting makeovers… but admiring an art gallery, then glancing at lingerie was something I hadn’t expected.

How similar to a REVO show it was all was after all; the booths, activities, drinks and everything inbetween.


1 2 3 4 6S.Lyn and I avoided the press box from the start. It was crowded with zealous photographers shoving  massive equipment onto each other. Instead we opt to capture the outfits from a slight angle. I wasn’t able to capture every single design, but over all it was a fun experience.

I don’t know when I’ll have another chance to visit a fashion show, but hopefully that will be sometime soon!

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