Midnight of the Magic Flashlight


Here goes to DAY2 of shooting midnight pictures at Lake Hennessey. This time it was seven of us on a Friday night after vespers.

We didn’t go onto the main dock because a group of fishermen beat us to the spot.  Instead we parked by the side of the rode, went through a gate and walked down a path to the water’s edge.

Having been there earlier in the week, the possibility of taking midnight shots was exciting. This time we decided to try out our skills at light photography.

Light Photography

From top to bottom: Our Group split in two. Grace, Victoria and Zach chatted under the stars while Ben, Larissa, Harrison and I took pictures.

Our first model was Larissa. We tried all sorts of different designs on her. The favorite resembles the popular ‘Nike Winged Victory’ from Greek Mythology.

I think Harrison was supposed to be holding a whip. He looks rather magician like, maybe a young Merlin or something.

Victoria came over for a quick picture. Well maybe the 34Sec shutter speed doesn’t imply ‘quick’ but compared to the other pictures we took – we did this one in one try.

Light ArtIt was a lot of trail and error.  Not only was it difficult to figure out the right way to carry a design, but the photographer and light artist needed to coordinate their actions. Both of us being film majors, Ben and I came up with an idea. Ready, Set, Action.  I pressed down on the shutter until he signaled to cut.

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