Can’t belive it… I actually moved to France!

My Room Window

This is my room window in Collonges-sous-Saleve. Can’t belive it… I actually moved to France!
Ok, so the whole trip was actually less stressful than going to Mexico. No joke. The couple sitting next to me on the way to London were really nice, and figuratively adopted me for the length of the trip. They appeared to have a lot of friends in the film business. Directors living in France and what not.


The weather report lied! It is freezing out here! I was stupid to have brought so many summer cloths. Can’t wear any of them. But I’m surprised I fit everything in one suitcase. People brought like two, three and I’ve even seen four.


On my birthday, which was a few days after my arrival, a group of us went to Geneva. Strangely enough, the boarder between France and Switzerland is a walking distance from where we live. In less than an hour, we lost people on the bus, on the tram, in the city and within the shops. Here are the girls standing on a bridge after we crossed the border back into France. The freeway  leads to Milan which is 326.0 km away.

IMG_0421a (659x1024)

Oh, and then theres my roommate. Never met before, but…We are both art majors. My Dad and her parents are from the Caribbean. They studied together in Mexico. Isn’t that crazy weird!? O.O

IMG_0471a (1024x682)

Anyway, it’s so gorgeous out here. I just want to stay forever. It’s like Napa but it also reminds California’s central valley… and you know I was never quite fond of SoCal’s lack of agriculture.

Campus Adventiste du Salève

The internet at the school doesn’t work as well as I’d like. It’s been a month and I’m still unable to upload pictures to wordpress. I hope this changes soon!

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